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The most critical pitching mechanics of the high velocity pitcher is his ability to separate his hips and shoulders at front foot strike. Learning how to master this high velocity component of separation is extremely challenging but has the potential to significantly enhance ball speed.
Studies show high velocity pitchers create more hip to shoulder separation than low velocity pitchers (2). Studies also show an 80% potential of pitching velocity from this single pitching component (1). The problem is the benefits of hip to shoulder separation are becoming more common but very few have the understanding of how it is created and most importantly how it is implemented into the pitching delivery. Learning how to master separation could mean the difference of playing high school baseball to playing professional baseball.
In this article, you will learn how I discovered the secrets to mastering hip to shoulder separation and how this lead to the development of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. You will also be linked to the remote coaching sign up page. The remote coaching program allows player to maximize their efforts in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program and get the most out of every aspect of the program.

How I Learned to Master Hip to Shoulder Separation

I was a few years out of shoulder surgery after I tore my rotator cuff at 18 years old. I had worked hard with an Olympic Style strength and conditioning program which is in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. I had finally gotten my velocity back after Doctors told me I would never pitch again. The reality was I was not satisfied. I knew I had a lot to learn on the mechanics side if I was going to live my dream of professional baseball post surgery. This is when I started looking for pitching mechanics that were not conventional. I had heard all of the convention pitching mechanics and all they did for me was lead to my arm injury.
One day I learned of this mechanical component called hip to shoulder separation from the National Pitching Association (NPA). It was an eye opener, because just like every other low velocity pitcher, I quickly learned I had very little of it. This is when I set out to master separation.
To turn a long story into a mini series, I took the power mechanics of Triple Extension (3X) and the Force Vector on the mound with me to see if it would help me enhance hip to shoulder separation. Not until I did this did I notice any effect on my separation. I made this discovery public on back in 2008 when I wrote my first article, Olympic Lifting Increases Pitching Velocity. I was the first to bring these Olympic mechanics to power pitching online. My separation moved into that elite category along with my ball speed. I then finally got my chance at 26 to play professional baseball.


Mastering Hip to Shoulder Separation with Remote Coaching!

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