Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Olympic Lifting SprintingEnough of listening to the theory and opinion of those conventional pitching coaches who preach that Olympic Lifting is bad or doesn't work for baseball players or pitchers in general. Let's see if they are speaking the truth or just speaking out of their butts. In the video above watch, the TopVelocity Experiment the effects of heavy load power cleans on pitching velocity.
With the power of the internet and the advanced technology of today, we should not listen to anyone who just makes claims. We should expect hard evidence to back those claims. For example, has more testimonials of pitchers not only adding the 5-10mph from the claims of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program but those breaking the 90mph range on the mound. You will not find another pitching velocity program online with as many 90mph on mound testimonials as here.
In this video and article, you will learn how insanely effective Olympic Lifting, especially power cleans, increases pitching velocity. You will also learn how the 3X Pitching Velocity Program takes this to the next level. Finally, I will leave you with a way to put those others making those bogus claims against Olympic lifting for baseball or specifically pitchers in their place which is behind their words with no evidence.

Olympic Lifting Increases Pitching Velocity

So why does this work? How did we do this? These are the basis of the hundreds of questions I am getting from the video above. Here are the answers, it works because it uses post-activation potentiation which means when you fire a ton of motor units with a lift or exercise then your body retains that history and will use it in the next movement, for example, the throw. It also works because it uses heavy loads which have been found to be more effective in training velocity than light loads:

Kaneko et al. (1) determined that training with heavier loads of 100% Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC) resulted in increases not only in strength but also in unloaded movement speed. Similarly, a training study by Schmidtbleicher and Buehrle (2) found that the use of relatively heavy loads of 80-90% MVC enhanced the performance of powerful dynamic movements more effectively than light loads.

For the second answer, we did this because we are not afraid of conventional wisdom. We are not afraid of the endless number of restrictions pitching and strength coaches put on mainly pitchers. We are not afraid to think out of the box and find what actually works because most programs, ex, and devices for baseball do not work.
The reason Olympic Lifting is so effective in enhancing baseball performance is not only because of its superior power development but because it maximizes dynamic athletic performance which you can learn more about here in my article called, Top 10 Ways to Develop Elite Power in Baseball.

3X Pitching Velocity Program Olympic Style Velocity Training

If you want a program that uses this same approach for a longer period of time to significantly increase pitching velocity then you need to start the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. It not only has a superior training program for developing high velocity pitching mechanics but it uses an Olympic-Style strength/power training approach to increase pitching velocity. It comes with off, pre and in-season programs built around 8-week cycles of Olympic training. It is the only program that is built with a throwing calendar of training, Olympic-style weight lifting calendar of training and an anaerobic conditioning calendar of training. To learn more about the program check out the home page here.
For all position please looking for a similar approach to increasing throwing velocity in a position then check out the 2X Velocity Program.

Critiques of Olympic Lifting for Baseball

I highly recommend that you share this video with a coach or player who does not believe Olympic lifting or heavy loads increases pitching velocity. The only way we are going to change the conventional wisdom of this game is if we can get the truth out. If you have no one to share this video with then just like the video so more people find it on YouTube so they can spread the word. The conventional wisdom is hard against this form of training and this is why we have so much injury in this game and those who spend their entire careers working their butts off to get better and never do.

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