Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

The biggest challenge of pitching off of the mound is working down the mound or "down hill." The decline of the mound is from a 10 inch slop. This creates a vector issue for the pitcher. If a pitcher does not learn the importance of aligning the force vector of the drive leg early in the pitching delivery then pitching velocity and accuracy will suffer. Many low velocity pitchers have this issue. The force vector is the angle of the ankle to knee when the leg is driving force.
The solution to this common vector problem in the low velocity pitching delivery is not in the upper body. It is purely in the lower half and must be addressed in the lower half before the upper half will ever work the way desired. This vector problem will cause a list of problems that overcompensation will never fix and if the source is not identified and improved then the pitcher will never solve this critical problem.
In this video you will learn the symptoms of pitching with a vertical force vector and how to learn to pitch more "down hill." You will also learn what to look for in video analysis to know the signs of a vector problem. If you like the video please like it and subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this.

Down Hill vs Up Hill Pitching

Conventional wisdom says that to pitch "down hill" has more to do with your release point than your drive leg force vector. Well, conventional wisdom has no understanding of the force vector so this is more than likely why they do not coach it. If you want to learn more about the critical importance of the force vector to the high velocity pitcher then signup for the FREE 3 part series on 30 days to 5mph.
Once you learn how to align a more linear force vector in your stride then you will be able to pitch more "down hill." Here is a list of common signs that you are not aligning a more linear force vector.
Common Signs of A Vertical Force Vector

  1. No leg drive into front foot strike
  2. Leg drive but jumping into front foot strike
  3. Opening early in the stride
  4. More rotational delivery
  5. Poor forward trunk tilt

Watch the video above to learn how to solve the problem and here is a list of 3X Pitching drills that will help you make the job easier.
3X Pitching Drills for "Down Hill" Pitching

  1. 3X Sled Drill
  2. Force Vector Torsion Throws
  3. 3X Load Series Drills

3X Pitching Velocity Program
To correct a pitching delivery that is too vertical takes a lot of work. More than just a simple adjustment of the force vector. More than just doing a few reps with a few drills. It takes a complete upgrade to a poor training approach to pitching. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program was developed for this main goal of transforming a low velocity pitching delivery into a high velocity pitching delivery. It includes not only the drills to make this happen but a complete mechanical approach to becoming a high velocity pitcher along with an Olympic-Style strength and conditioning approach to build the elite power required.
Don't waste your time trying to fix this major mechanical problem with a quick fix. Checkout the 3X Pitching Velocity Program today and get started developing a great career in this game.