Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

The trunk and shoulder orientation in the pitching delivery is critical to converting the leg power into pitching velocity. A more dynamic trunk and shoulder movement will increase pitching velocity while reducing the risk of injury. It isn't enough to just throw the trunk forward into ball release. It takes proper positioning and timing of movement to do this effectively.

Most pitchers fail to use the trunk effectively mainly because they do not understand how the lower half drives it. Before you attempt to perfect the positions and the timing of the trunk and shoulder orientation you need to learn the critical lower half movements. To do this signup for the 3 part series on 30 days to 5mph.

In this video, you will learn how to effectively position the shoulders and trunk for delivery following a dynamic lower half. You will also learn how and where I get this level of information that I put in these videos.

Shoulder and Trunk Positions of the High-Velocity Pitcher

In this video I do NOT cover the contralateral to ipsilateral trunk positions which is as important or more important to understanding how to leverage the trunk for maximum pitching velocity. To learn this information checkout my pitching velocity quick tip on the trunk!

What I do cover in the video above is how a more shoulder tilt can effect the arm path and the conversion of power moving up the body or kinetic chain. It basically shows you how your shoulder orientation at front foot strike must be parallel to the ground. If the position is tilted or dipping back towards the rubber then this prevents good shoulder abduction into maximum external rotation and effects core torque. To learn more visually what I am describing I highly recommend that you watch this video.

Pitching Velocity Tip Sources

Many people asked where I get all this information from. I promise you I do not make it up. I get a small amount from my player years and most of the information from studying the science and research case studies around pitching. I also spend much of my days breaking down video into the 3X Evaluation System which shows me what most professional pitchers are doing at only given moment in the pitching delivery.

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