Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

King of the Hill Pitching TrainerThere other pitching trainers out on the market that many are confusing with the King of the Hill. The fact that most pitchers think they are the same just proves the lack of science based education in pitching mechanics today.
I am not a fan of pitching device but I am definitely a fan of the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer. So much of a fan that I developed my own program to be used with the pitching trainer. The 3X Pitching Velocity Development Kit comes with a ton of 3X Velocity Drills developed specifically for the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer. The trainer also works in perfectly with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.
In this article, you will learn the difference between the competitors and the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer. You will actually learn the top 10 reasons it is the best pitching trainer on the market. You will also learn why I believe the competitors are using a flawed approach. Let's look at this issue first!

The Other Power Trainers for the Pitcher

First off lets look at the definition of power:

Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone.

Next lets look at the definition of drive:

Propel or carry along by force in a specified direction.

Am I missing something because no where have I ever read or heard someone describe the other power trainers on the market for the pitcher as a device that trains you how to generate a directional driving force off of the mound as the wording leads us to believe. The only descriptions I found on the competitors websites are talking about force defined as gravitational forces which all pitchers, good or bad, use in their deliveries without a training device.
There is also another indication that the approach behind these competitors is flawed because many of them need additional devices to make the original product more effective. For example, a new device to prevent "flying open." With the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer, if you are flying open with your front leg then you will never create the "BANG" of the plate as an indication that a "Power Drive" has occurred which means the original device gets the job done.

Top Ten Reasons the Best Pitching Device for Training Power

These top 10 reason are why the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer is the best device on the market for training drive power.

  1. It actually trains a "power drive" or more force production.
  2. It doesn't need an additional device to work.
  3. It is linked to pitching science.
  4. It comes with a 3X Pitching Velocity Program Manual.
  5. It can train both front leg and back leg drives which have correlations to increase pitching velocity.
  6. It protects the arm by increasing the leg drive forces. Learn more in this article on Ground Reaction Forces in Pitching.
  7. It promotes 3X Torsion in the drive leg.
  8. You can actually change the level of driving power you must apply to the rubber by adding more torque to the key.
  9. The auditory signal is an indication of not only force production but timing of these forces.
  10. It takes a lot of hard work to create the BANG on the plate which will have a bigger impact on improve your pitching mechanics!

3X Pitching Velocity Development Kit with "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer

3X Pitching Velocity Development KitThis is not a replacement for the 3X Pitching Velocity Program but an addition. Like I said earlier, the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer works perfect with all of the 3X Velocity Drills in both the 3X Pitching Velocity Development Kit and the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. I hope this articled helped clean up the confusion between its competitors and the "King of the Hill" Pitching Trainer because I truly believe their is only one on the market that will actually make a significant impact on your pitching velocity.