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In this episode of the @TopVelocity #PitchingTips Show V2.0 we answer the questions below:

  1. What's more important...trunk transverse rotation or trunk forward rotation?
  2. Any advice or drills on ways for a "rotator" style pitcher to get more linear?

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Building Confidence and Enhancing Performance: A Pitcher's Journey In this article, we will delve into the valuable insights shared by Mateo Ferguson, a talented pitcher, during an episode of the Pitching Tip Show. Mateo discusses his goals, the challenges he has faced, and the strategies he has employed to improve his performance on the mound. Through his journey, we discover the importance of consistency, confidence-building, and the crucial role of both trunk transverse rotation and trunk forward rotation in optimizing pitching ability.

Mateo's Transformation:

Mateo Ferguson, hailing from the Bahamas, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few years. When he first joined, he was smaller in stature and threw at a considerably slower velocity. However, through his dedication and hard work, Mateo has experienced significant growth. He has emerged as a powerful player on the field and is currently playing college baseball while transitioning in the transfer portal.

The Significance of Confidence:

Mateo's primary goal this year is to enhance his consistency in velocity and body movements while developing a deeper understanding of his own physical capabilities. He emphasizes the importance of building confidence and embracing his role as a reliable pitcher. Mateo shares that in the past, he lacked confidence in his abilities. However, through his time at, he has gained confidence and a belief in himself as a dominant force on the mound.

Overcoming Plateaus:

Mateo sheds light on the challenge of reaching a plateau in performance. Initially, it can be frustrating and disheartening to encounter stagnation after making progress. However, Mateo advises that understanding the purpose of plateaus is vital. He emphasizes that these moments are part of life's journey, filled with ups and downs. Mateo has learned to find positivity even on challenging days. By focusing on small wins, such as weightlifting achievements, he maintains a positive mindset and perseveres through plateaus.

The Importance of Setting Goals:

Brent Pourciau, the host of the show, highlights the significance of setting goals and having a clear direction. When a pitcher reaches a plateau, having a future opportunity or challenge in sight can provide the necessary focus and motivation to break through the ceiling. For Mateo, lining up his next big step, such as a tryout or joining a coach's team, becomes a catalyst for intensifying his dedication and concentration.

Addressing Trunk Rotation:

Mateo and Brent address the audience's questions regarding trunk rotation. They emphasize that both trunk transverse rotation and trunk forward rotation are crucial for optimizing pitching performance. While explosive trunk rotation and forward movement are essential, neglecting either aspect can hinder progress. Mateo admits that mastering trunk forward rotation was particularly challenging for him. He advises pitchers to work on exercises like driving stainless steel sleds and utilizing the "king of the hill" technique to enhance their forward movement.

Enhancing Linear Trunk Movement:

In response to another question about developing a more linear trunk movement for rotational pitchers, Mateo shares his personal experience. He explains that improving mobility and drive play vital roles in achieving a more linear pitching style. Mobility requirements must be met to allow the body to move efficiently. Mateo also focuses on avoiding excessive swinging of the front leg, as it aids in opening up and facilitates swinging the arm over. By emphasizing proper driving and back leg utilization, pitchers can enhance their linear movement. Exercises such as king of the hill and dedicated weight training can aid in this pursuit.

The Fusion of Mobility and Biomechanics:

Brent elaborates on the relationship between mobility and biomechanics for achieving a linear pitching style. He emphasizes the significance of hip extension and thoracic rotation in promoting linear movement. By increasing mobility in the hip extension, pitchers can generate greater force in their lower body. Simultaneously, delaying trunk rotation against the extension of the hips enables the projection and forward movement of the trunk. Brent likens this fusion to a catapult effect that propels the pitcher's entire body forward.

Mateo's Incredible Progress:

Throughout the conversation, Mateo's remarkable progress becomes evident. Despite his initial struggles, he has become a formidable force on the field. His dedication to both mobility and power development has allowed him to gain weight, enhance his explosiveness, and even perform backflips. Mateo encourages pitchers to prioritize mobility, appreciating that size alone is not sufficient. By focusing on moving efficiently, athletes can unleash their true potential and achieve exceptional results.


Mateo Ferguson's journey serves as a powerful testament to the importance of consistency, confidence-building, and the fusion of trunk transverse rotation and trunk forward rotation for pitchers. By overcoming plateaus, setting goals, and embracing a positive mindset, pitchers can continually improve their performance. The combination of mobility and biomechanics plays a pivotal role in attaining a linear pitching style. Aspiring pitchers can learn from Mateo's experiences and strive to optimize their abilities on the mound.

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