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In this episode of the @TopVelocity #PitchingTips Show V2 I answer the questions below:

  1. Do the medicine ball throws benefit position players too?
  2. How often should we play catch?

The Advantages of Medicine Ball Throws for Position Players

Welcome to Season Two of the "Top Velocity Pitching Tip Show"! I am Brent Pourciau, and in this episode, we will address some pivotal inquiries regarding pitching and position players. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below using the hashtag #pitchingtips. We appreciate your support, so please remember to subscribe, like, and share. Now, let us delve into the initial query.

Question 1: Do Medicine Ball Throws Benefit Position Players?

The weighted ball we employ in our training is a two-pound medicine ball. While its primary use is with pitchers, it also presents substantial advantages for position players. The incorporation of the medicine ball stems from the principle of overload training. By employing a two-handed throw instead of a one-handed throw, we aim to mitigate excessive strain on the arm, which often results in injuries.

Significance of Two-Handed Throws

When the arm lags behind the kinetic chain, it becomes susceptible to substantial forces that can be detrimental. By utilizing a two-handed throw, we ensure that the arm remains connected and engaged with the rest of the body, minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, the medicine ball prompts position players to rely less on their arms and engage their legs and trunk more. Consequently, this leads to improved utilization of the kinetic chain.

Enhancing the Separation between Hips and Shoulders

One of the key movements in throwing and hitting is the separation between hips and shoulders. It refers to the capacity to keep the shoulders back while opening the hips. This opposing movement facilitates the generation of increased power and velocity. The medicine ball assists in developing the separation between hips and shoulders by inducing more significant separation due to its weight. As we pull the ball back, simulating the load on the arm, it enhances the delay of the trunk, resulting in heightened separation between the hips and shoulders. This improvement is invaluable for position players seeking to enhance their throwing velocity across the field, regardless of whether they play in the outfield or behind the plate.

Recommended Training Program

If you are a position player interested in incorporating med ball exercises into your training regimen, we offer a dedicated program for you. Visit and explore the "2x Velocity Program." This program encompasses various med ball exercises and is designed to enhance your performance on the field.

Query 2: How Frequently Should We Engage in Catching?

The frequency of engaging in catching applies to both position players and pitchers. Ideally, you should assess the condition of your arm daily before deciding to partake in throwing activities. Arm care provides excellent evaluation tools and a tracking system to assist you in monitoring the state of your arm.

Importance of Arm Health

Engaging in catching with a fatigued arm is not advisable, as it significantly increases the risk of injury. Studies have shown that fatigued pitchers and position players are 36 times more likely to experience injuries. It is crucial to prioritize the healing and recovery of your arm. The objective should be to engage in catching only when your arm is at least 90% recovered and feeling revitalized.

The Impact of Fatigue on Mechanics

Playing catch with a fatigued arm can lead to alterations in your throwing mechanics. Fatigue often causes players to unintentionally modify their movements, resulting in the development of undesirable mechanics. To ensure consistency and prevent any adverse effects on your mechanics, it is best to refrain from playing catch when you are not fully recovered.

Prioritize Skill Refinement and Optimal Mechanics

To optimize your performance and maintain a healthy body, focus on refining your skills and maintaining optimal mechanics. Utilize resources such as Arm care to accurately evaluate the health of your arm. Only engage in throwing activities when you feel fresh and ready to perform at your peak.


Incorporating medicine ball throws into your training regimen can significantly benefit position players by improving the utilization of the kinetic chain and enhancing the separation between hips and shoulders. However, it is crucial to prioritize the health of your arm and engage in catching activities only when fully recovered. By maintaining a focus on skill refinement, optimal mechanics, and arm health, you can enhance your performance on the field and reduce the risk of injuries. Don't miss out on the ultimate opportunity to transform your game and unlock your true potential as a position player! The 2x Position Player Camp at Top Velocity Covington, Louisiana is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Remember, the path to greatness starts with a single decision. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Sign up now and embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your game forever.

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