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In this episode @TopVelocity #PitchingTips Show V2.0 I answer the questions below:

  1. Should I shut down from all throwing in the offseason at all? If so for how long?
  2. Healing from a severe left shoulder injury. Throwing 48 mph with no pain but there is weakness. Before I went from 50mph to 88mph but I’m back to being slow. How can I throw hard again? My weakness is with internal rotation. I can only pitch from 45 ft super slow throwing as hard as I can.

Throttling Down in the Off-Season

One of the questions posed in the video is whether pitchers should completely refrain from throwing during the off-season. Brent Pourciau acknowledges that in the United States, players tend to overdo it and play too many games throughout the year. Citing studies, he emphasizes that playing more than eight months a year increases the risk of injury by five times. To avoid this, Pourciau recommends taking a two-week break after completing two seasons. After the break, engaging in an off-season strength and conditioning program is advised. Top Velocity offers comprehensive programs that focus on specific areas of improvement. Their drill-based throwing program is designed to minimize stress on the arm until the preseason approaches.

Utilizing the Medicine Ball Approach

For those who prefer not to engage in throwing during the off-season, Pourciau suggests using a medicine ball approach. This approach enables pitchers to work on the movements and refine their biomechanics without placing excessive stress on the arm. By using a two-handed throw resembling a bat swing and relying on trunk movement, pitchers can improve their throwing mechanics without compromising their arm health. The medicine ball approach provides a viable alternative for those looking to take a break from regular throwing while still enhancing their skills.

Considerations for Preseason and Beyond

Pourciau recommends gradually introducing drill throws with a baseball approximately one month before the preseason begins. This allows pitchers to prepare themselves for the upcoming season and gradually increase the volume of their training while reducing the load. The goal is to build up the necessary strength and endurance required for the demands of pitching throughout the season. Pourciau also mentions, a company that specializes in monitoring and assessing arm health, as a valuable resource for players looking to track their arm's well-being.

The Situation in Taiwan

Alec Fang, based in Taiwan, provides insights into the pitching landscape in the country. He highlights that in Taiwan, pitchers traditionally undergo rigorous training and often experience a lack of off-season rest due to the emphasis on practice and limited time for recovery. Fang mentions that the old-school approach of excessive throwing is prevalent in Taiwan. However, he also notes that the younger generation is becoming more receptive to biomechanics and the importance of training the kinetic chain effectively. While progress is being made, Fang suggests that it may take time for the older generation of coaches to fully embrace these new methods and techniques.

The Need for Balanced Approach

The video further addresses a question from a viewer experiencing a significant drop in velocity and weakness in their left shoulder. Pourciau expresses concern about potential injury, citing studies that indicate individuals can tear their ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) without experiencing pain. He recommends consulting a doctor or utilizing assessment tools like those available at to evaluate the integrity of the shoulder. If the shoulder is deemed healthy, attention can then be shifted to addressing any biomechanical issues that might be contributing to the decline in performance. Pourciau mentions the importance of focusing on the initial movements of the pitching motion, as research suggests that coaching adjustments at this stage yield greater improvements in biomechanics.

Closing Thoughts

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