Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

I believe universities and corporate organizations like baseball academies all need to have training standards in place for those who are training the youth. These training standards should include hiring fitness professionals that have accredited degrees or certifications in kinesiology or exercise science. I believe many institutions fail to provide their customers with adequate care due to governing with poor training standards. I am not a big fan of forcing the government to place these training standards on these organizations. I am also not a big fan of insurance companies but if insurance is able to exist in protecting these organizations from the liabilities of training-related injury then they could incentive these organizations to hold these standards to protect their client base. It should actually incentive insurance companies to place these training standards on their customer base to protect against unfavorable litigation.

In the sport of baseball, it is very common practice in low-level colleges and universities to have a baseball coach physically training young kids to develop their bodies for performance without an accredited degree or certification in kinesiology or exercise science. On top of this, these coaches will also discredit private trainers programming who has an accredited degree or certification in kinesiology or exercise science if it is in conflict with their training methods. I am curious if this holds up in court if these coaches are sued for injuring a player which is also very common in the sport of baseball due to its pattern of arm related injuries.

Outside of licensing, I believe it should be promoted as best practice for fitness professionals to continue to educate themselves in the field of kinesiology or exercise science during their entire career. There should never be a point of stopping continued education due to the fact that new information is flooding this field every day. It should be accepted that all fitness professionals or even coaches should be using an evidence-based approach to their training methods and continuing to stay on top of the latest evidence.

Once again baseball is a poorly educated industry of coaches who actually promote theory over evidence. There are many twitter battles online of well-known coaches debating that playing experience trumps fitness education when it comes to who makes the better performance coach. I have actually had my competitor convince their customer base who continues to troll coaches on twitter who have accredited degrees or certifications in kinesiology or exercises science that in-house case studies trump peer-reviewed third party research.

In the case of the wild west environment of social media their needs to be a better representation of high training standards of education in sports like a baseball coming from the highest levels of the game like Major League Baseball (MLB). Instead, the MLB has followed the trends of social media, hiring young 20-year old’s to run their pitching programming who do not have any accredited degrees or certifications in kinesiology or exercise science. These coaches are responsible for programming training for every pitcher in the organization to help them protect their bodies from injury which has become such a problem in the game that the injury rate is considered an epidemic. Once again, I do not believe forcing these organizations to hire more qualified personnel by the government but you would hope and pray that humanity will eventually evolve and began demanding these higher training standards to push this game forward.