Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Lower Half Pitching

Any pitcher who wants to increase their velocity and control on the mound must engage in lower half pitching routines. The King of the Hill pitching trainer is a well-known device that can be used to teach the production of ground forces. When using this device, the pitcher stands it and practices their delivery while attempting to drive the plate. The pitcher must use their legs and hips more efficiently because of the challenge to pop the plate, which will enhance their ability to generate ground forces.

The Stride Excelerator is yet another useful exercise for enhancing force vector angles and teaching stride depth. With this device, the pitcher is just elevated off the ground and is sitting on the stool. The pitcher then works on his delivery while attempting to accelerate his stride by driving his legs on the stool. Because of the position of sitting on the stool, the pitcher is forced to use their legs and hips more efficiently, which teaches them to improve the depth of their stride which improves the force vector angles.

Last but not least, the TopVelocity Sled is a useful tool for enhancing stride power. With this device, the pitcher drives a sled with weights through their stride. The pitcher must overcome opposition caused by the sled's weight in order to power the stride. This device helps build the legs and hip power necessary for long, powerful strides. To enhance lower-half mechanics and boost velocity on the mound, a pitcher might include these three tools in their training regimen.

King of the Hill Lower Half Trainer

King of the HillAlmost every bullpen in minor and major league baseball, as well as many college teams, uses the King of the Hill Pitching Trainer. A minimum of one King of the Hill is owned by 27 of the 30 MLB teams/organizations, and many teams have numerous units to train all of their pitchers. This is evidence of the trainers success in imparting the correct mechanics required for dynamite leg drive and explosive velocity.

King of the Hill Trainer is a top-plate-mounted, extremely heavy-duty pitching rubber on a solid steel base. The top plate slides back somewhat when the pitcher begins to move toward his target and delivers enough ground force against it. It clicks if you push it far enough back. And when it clicks, you know you've developed enough leg drive to start the kinetic energy that will power a fastball that will sound like thunder and light up the sky. The pitcher can develop muscle memory for an appropriate leg drive thanks to this immediate input.

All ages and skill levels can change the rubber's resistance, making it appropriate for pitchers of all abilities. It is an effective technique for coaches and players to enhance the pitcher's lower-half mechanics. The rookie pitcher can promptly and accurately find out via the King of the Hill whether they have enough leg drive, a critical component of effective pitching. The King of the Hill Trainer makes it possible to perfect the delicate, potent, and mechanically ideal leg drive.

The Stride Excelerator

The Stride Excelerator Lower Half Trainer

The Stride Excelerator is a great tool for pitchers to build their lower body strength. It is made to assist pitchers in reducing the depth of their stride, which puts their legs in a more linear posture and effectively powers a more explosive stride. For pitchers who wish to raise their pitching velocity, this is essential.

One of the Stride Excelerator's key advantages is that it teaches the player the hip mobility and leg strength necessary to perfect the stride right away. The pitcher must use their legs and hips more efficiently to power their stride while sitting on the stool. This enhances their lower half mechanics as a whole and increases their effectiveness as a pitcher.

Since the Stride Excelerator can be adjusted to fit all heights, it can accommodate pitchers of any size. It is a desirable tool for coaches and players to utilize because it is available in a variety of sizes and colors. It is ideal for pitchers who wish to strengthen their lower body because it can be utilized in a variety of baseball-throwing activities. Any pitcher who wants to increase their velocity and control on the mound should use this adaptable and powerful tool.

The TopVelocity Sled

The TopVelocity Sled is a training device made to increase stride resistance and push the pitcher to develop stride power. It is an adaptable tool that functions as both a front and a back driving sled. To keep the user in position while being utilized as a back-driving sled, a harness is required. The pitcher can now concentrate on pulling the sled forward with their lower body.

The arm and pad are placed on the front hip of the sled because it is also a front-driving sled, which requires the pitcher to steady the drive leg in order to apply force to the sled. The drive leg must move into torsion, which is an externally rotated position of the drive leg femur, in order to be stabilized. In order to maximize the forces applied to the sled from this position, the pitcher must maintain stability as the drive leg moves into a flexed and linear position. Instead of just moving the sled, the objective is to launch it as far as possible away from the user. The sled will spin if the pitcher is turning more than it is moving, which will stop it from moving forward.

The best pitchers for this sled are those who have practiced their lower half on the tools above and are now looking to push themselves to become elite in this area. It is an effective tool for aiding pitchers in gaining the leg and hip strength necessary for strong and effective strides. An excellent tool for helping a pitcher improve their lower half is the TopVelocity sled. To add an additional layer of resistance, it can be used in conjunction with other drills like King of the Hill or Stride Excelerator.