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Look no further because this article will show you how to quickly add 3-5 mph to your fastball! You may boost your velocity and rule the mound by concentrating on important mechanics like the force vector, triple extension, and hip to shoulder separation. We'll be using equipment like the King of the Hill, the Stride Excelerator, and a 2lb medicine ball to build these mechanics. These tools will not only aid in your mechanics improvement but also add enjoyment and engagement to the process. So get ready, grab a ball, and let's begin this journey of giving your fastball more heat!

Understanding Pitching Mechanics to Add 3-5 mph

Add 3-5 mphTo increase the velocity of your fastball, it is crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of pitching. The force vector is the first of these mechanics. The force vector represents the direction that the pitcher's force is being exerted. What dictates this direction is the chin angle of the drive leg. A linear force vector, or one in which the force is applied in a straight line toward home plate, is crucial for maximizing velocity.

Triple extension is the following crucial mechanism. Triple extension is the term for the ankle, knee, and hip extending all at once just before the pitcher lands. The pitcher can produce more power and speed by effectively completing triple extension just before landing. Because it aids in energy production and transmission from the lower body to the upper body, this extension is essential for increasing the velocity of your fastball.

The distance between your hips and shoulders is yet another crucial factor in increasing your velocity. This describes how far apart the hip and shoulder are when the pitcher lands. A pitcher can produce greater rotational force by having a strong hip to shoulder separation, which will boost the speed of their fastball. A pitcher can significantly increase their velocity and elevate their game by concentrating on these three crucial movements.

Add 3-5 mph

The Importance of Using Pitching Tools to Add 3-5 mph

Add 3-5 mphDeveloping the essential techniques necessary to increase the speed of your fastball requires a lot of practice with the appropriate equipment. A pitcher can increase their linear force vector by using the King of the Hill tool. By having the pitcher throw the ball from an elevated posture, this tool creates a force vector that is more direct and linear. Another instrument that can assist a pitcher with triple extension is the Stride Excelerator. This device aids in extending the stride, which in turn enables the lower body to produce greater force.

Any pitcher's training program should include the use of a 2lb med ball in addition to the King of the Hill and Stride Excelerator. The 3X Pitching Velocity Drills, which concentrate on hip to shoulder separation, can be done with the 2lb med ball. These exercises aid in the development of the rotational torque needed to boost a fastball's velocity. A vital component of every pitcher's training regimen, the medicine ball is a flexible instrument that can be employed in a wide range of different drills and routines.

In order to learn the necessary mechanics needed to increase the speed of your fastball, practice with these equipment is crucial. They not only aid in the development of the proper procedures but also provide enjoyment and engagement to the procedure. You can significantly increase your velocity and step up your game by combining the King of the Hill, Stride Excelerator, and 2lb med ball into your training regimen.

A Step by Step Guide to Adding 3-5 mph to Fastball

3X System CalendarsThe ultimate objective for every pitcher aiming to increase the velocity of their fastball is to remain consistent and observe results. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to do it:

  1. Consider using the 3X Pitching Velocity Program: The first step in maintaining consistency is to use a calendar to follow a schedule that uses the King of the Hill, Stride Excelerator, and 2lb medicine ball. The force vector, triple extension, and hip to shoulder separation are the main mechanics of this exercise regimen.
  2. Regular practice is essential if you want to see benefits. In order to notice noticeable velocity increases, it is advised to practice at least three times per week. In your practice sessions, be sure to use the King of the Hill, Stride Excelerator, and 2lb med ball. This is all programmed for you in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.
  3. Follow your progress: Keeping tabs on your development is crucial for maintaining motivation and keeping on course. Before and after each training session, note your velocity data and compare the results. This will let you see your progress clearly and pinpoint any areas that require improvement. This is all tracked for you in the 3X evaluation system.

You will quickly be able to increase the speed of your fastball by 3-5 mph by following these guidelines and being consistent in your training. Keep in mind that progress takes time and effort, but with commitment and perseverance, you'll be able to conquer the mound.

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