Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Are you trying to help your 10 year old increase his pitching speed?

Baseball is a cherished activity that has won the hearts of many people, both young and old. Throwing a fastball that causes batters to swing and miss can be extremely exciting for young players. You might be wondering how you can aid a 10-year-old baseball participant who you are coaching or are a parent. It's crucial to remember that at this age, building the basis for velocity should take precedence over merely increasing speed. In this piece, we'll look at some helpful advice and methods that can support a 10-year-old to develop their pitching abilities and lay a solid foundation for future velocity.

Proper Technique: The Importance of Fundamentals for Young Pitchers

10 year old increase his pitching speedCan a 10 year old increase his pitching speed and overall performance on the mound? Yes, and it starts with proper technique. The ideal time to concentrate on perfecting the basics of pitching is when a player is first starting to learn to throw as they are still developing their motor skills and muscle memory.

A young pitcher should first begin to learn how the total body throws the ball over just using the arm. This includes learning the leg drives with the Stride Excelerator and King of the Hill along with hip to shoulder separation with the 1-2lb Med Ball Drills. Once this has been established the young pitcher can start to learn how to transition then movements into the full pitching delivery.

The next step for a young pitcher is to then develop consistency with the delivery they have developed so they can begin to through strikes and become effective in competition. This takes high amounts of quality reps programming well with their strength training to support the strength needed to endure these reps.

Young pitchers can benefit from feedback on their technique from coaches and parents on a daily basis, as well as encouragement to develop positive habits early on. Young pitchers can build a strong foundation of correct technique with time, practice, and patience, which will benefit them as they continue to develop and get better on the mound.

Conditioning and Strength Training: Building a Strong Foundation for Velocity

Elite pitchers bootcamp olympic liftingFor young pitchers seeking to establish a solid foundation for velocity, conditioning, and strength training are essential. The right kind of conditioning can assist athletes in achieving the level of physical endurance needed to perform at their peak on the mound and stay injury-free. Coaches and parents should therefore place a high priority on conditioning and strength training as part of the training program for any young pitcher.

Cardiovascular training is an important part of conditioning for pitchers in their early years. Sprinting, jumping rope, and other exercises that increase anaerobic stamina and enhance cardiovascular health are examples of this. Additionally, exercises for building muscle and enhancing general fitness include push-ups, sit-ups, and bodyweight squats which is all included in the 3X Pitching Beginner Program.

Young pitchers should engage in regular practice and exercises to improve their throwing mechanics in addition to cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Work on form, timing, and accuracy is a part of this, and throwing sessions' intensity and length are progressively increased as well.

In order to avoid injury, young pitchers must avoid overuse and get enough rest in between throwing practices. Parents and coaches should also be alert for any injuries or signs of fatigue, and they should urge young players to express any pain or discomfort.

Mental Preparation: Developing Confidence and Focus on the Mound

10 year old increase his pitching speedYoung pitchers are no different than any other athlete when it comes to the importance of mental preparation for success. Young pitchers can enhance their general performance and reach their potential by gaining self-assurance and focus on the mound.

Building confidence is an essential part of mental preparation. This can be achieved by regularly practicing and repeating skills, establishing realistic goals, and acknowledging accomplishments along the way. Additionally, by giving young pitchers encouragement and support despite setbacks or failures, teachers and parents can contribute to their confidence-building efforts.

Focusing on the mound is an essential part of mental preparation. This can involve strategies like visualization, in which young pitchers practice their pitches and picture themselves succeeding before walking onto the mound. Young pitchers can benefit from deep breathing exercises and meditation to help them stay composed and focused when under duress.

Young pitchers must also learn how to control their feelings while pitching. This involves managing stress, annoyance, and other unpleasant emotions that can impair performance. Parents and coaches can assist young pitchers by offering emotional support and teaching them healthy coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety.

Young pitchers can develop confidence, maintain concentration on the field, and master healthy emotion management by putting a special emphasis on mental preparation. These abilities can aid young pitchers in enhancing their performance and realizing their maximum potential on the mound with time and practice.

Recommended Training for 10 year old increase his pitching speed

Consider investing in one of our training products or programs if you're the parent or coach of a young pitcher seeking to improve their performance. Our 3X Pitching Beginner Program, King of the Hill with training manual, and Stride Excelerator with training manual are all aimed at assisting young pitchers in developing a solid base for velocity and enhancing their general performance on the mound.

10 year old increase his pitching speed

The Stride Excelerator is a pitching tool that can help young pitchers establish correct form and improve their stride mechanics, which are essential for producing power and velocity. Young pitchers can learn how to use the Stride Excelerator to enhance their technique and make the most of their training practices with the help of the instruction manual that comes with the device.

10 year old increase his pitching speed

Another pitching tool that can assist young pitchers in creating a more explosive delivery and more power on the mound is the King of the Hill. Young pitchers can learn how to use the King of the Hill to enhance their mechanics and accelerate their velocity with the help of the instruction manual that is included.

Our 3X Pitching Beginner Program is a thorough training course that covers every aspect of pitching, such as correct technique, physical conditioning, and mental preparation. Young pitchers can improve their overall performance on the mound and build a strong foundation for velocity with the help of step-by-step directions and comprehensive training plans.

Young pitchers can invest in one of our training programs to help them reach their best potential on the mound. Whether you decide to enroll your young athlete in the Stride Excelerator, King of the Hill, or 3X Pitching Beginner Program, you can be confident that you're giving them the resources and instruction they need to succeed. Why then wait? Purchase one of our training plans right away to assist your budding hurler in elevating their game.