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Pitching is a difficult and demanding element of baseball, and becoming a professional pitcher necessitates more than just natural talent. It requires a combination of appropriate training and development to be successful on the mound. In this article, we will look at the six essential components of becoming a professional pitcher and what it takes to advance in your pitching career.

The six components that are critical in creating a professional pitcher are mobility, strength, speed, power, pitch development, and assessment and tracking. To improve the body's ability to move and get into proper posture, mobility training includes foam rolling, stretching, and using the Rotex. Strength training centers on developing pelvic stability, core stability, and upper body stability. Speed and agility training focuses on training the body to be quick activators, whereas power training includes Olympic lifting to challenge the body to quickly activate strength. Pitch development entails pronating properly and learning how to throw various pitches successfully. Finally, the evaluation and tracking component is critical in measuring and tracking success, which is essential in meeting your objectives and becoming a professional pitcher.

Here are some key takeaways from this article on developing the Professional Pitcher:

  1. TopVelocity provides training for aspiring professional pitchers
  2. Six components of the program include Mobility Training, Strength Training, Speed Training, Power Training, Pitch Development, and Evaluation and Tracking Progress.
  3. Mobility training includes foam rolling and stretching to improve the body's range of motion.
  4. Strength training focuses on building stability and pelvic control to maximize force application.
  5. Speed training emphasizes quick activation and brain-to-movement time.
  6. Power training combines speed and strength to produce complex movements, like those seen in pitching.
  7. Pitch development involves learning proper pronation and using tools like the clean Fuego ball to improve pitch accuracy and velocity.
  8. Evaluation and tracking progress is an important part of the program, using a ranking system and empirical evidence to monitor progress and set goals.

#1 BioMechanics Training for the Professional Pitcher

Professional PitcherBiomechanics instruction is an important part of becoming a professional pitcher at Top Velocity. The goal of biomechanics training is to ensure that pitchers can get into good, stable positions during their pitching delivery, allowing them to generate the movement they desire. The Top Velocity training program approaches biomechanics on a joint-by-joint basis, going through each segment of the body to enhance mobility and posture. This assists pitchers in maintaining their ability to perform well on the mound while remaining healthy. The training program involves a variety of exercises such as foam rolling, band stretching, and the Rotex, a total body stretch in various positions. Pitchers can improve their mobility and stability by going through these routines, which will help them become more efficient and effective in their pitching delivery.

One of the most important tools used at TopVelocity for developing professional pitching mechanics is the Stride Excelerator. This device aids in the development of a pitcher's stride and stride length, both of which are critical components of a strong and effective delivery. Pitchers can improve their speed, accuracy, and overall performance on the mound by adding the Stride Excelerator into their training routine.

Professional PitcherThe Stride Excelerator works by adding resistance to the delivery during the stride phase, requiring the pitcher to work harder to maintain proper form. This aids in the development of strength and stability in the legs, hips, and core, which are essential for generating power and velocity. Furthermore, the gadget aids in the timing and sequencing of the lower body during delivery, resulting in a smoother and more efficient action.

Incorporating the Stride Excelerator into your TopVelocity training routine will assist you in developing stronger and more efficient pitching mechanics. This will result in increased velocity, accuracy, and overall performance, giving you the advantage you need to compete at the highest levels. The Stride Excelerator is a powerful instrument for building the skills and techniques required to become a professional pitcher, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

#2 Mobility Training for the Professional Pitcher

Professional PitcherAt Topvelocity, mobility training is an important part of the process of creating a professional pitcher. It combines techniques such as foam rolling and stretching to help increase muscle and fascial tissue flexibility and relaxation. The aim of mobility training is to improve the body's range of motion and ability to maintain good posture. This is accomplished through daily routines that focus on particular areas of the body, one joint at a time.

Topvelocity's mobility training exercises are intended to assist athletes in identifying areas that may be tight and affecting their performance on the mound. This enables them to concentrate on these areas and devote more time to stretching and working on them until they are able to perform at their peak. Mobility training also functions as an assessment tool, allowing athletes to track their progress and identify areas for growth. Topvelocity's ultimate objective with mobility training is to help athletes attain a stable and healthy body, allowing them to perform at their best on the mound.

#3 Strength Training for the Professional Pitcher

Professional PitcherTopvelocity Strength Training is essential in the growth of a skilled pitcher. The goal of the strength training program is to increase joint stability in various areas of the body, such as the pelvic region, core, and upper body. Pitchers will be able to apply their strength more effectively on the mound and keep excellent posture if they build strength and stability. Improved movement patterns will result, making it easier for pitchers to accomplish their desired results on the mound.

At Topvelocity, strength training is about challenging the body to move that weight with correct form and apply force to it, not just adding weight. Squats, deadlifts, presses, lunges, and pulls are some of the exercises used in the strength training regimen. Topvelocity coaches recognize the distinction between strength and power and work hard to develop both in their athletes. Topvelocity's strength training program assists pitchers in developing the physical attributes required to become elite while remaining healthy by concentrating on stability and improving joint mobility. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pitcher, Topvelocity's strength training program can help you achieve your objectives and improve your performance.

#4 Speed Training for the Professional Pitcher

Broad Jump for Pitching DevelopmentTopvelocity speed training is an important component of developing a professional pitcher. It concentrates on the time between brain and body activation, which is critical for high-velocity pitchers. Speed and agility are the two primary goals of speed training, which aims to enhance the body's ability to react quickly to brain commands. This type of training aids the pitcher's reaction time, making them more explosive and faster on the field.

The speed training program at Topvelocity includes exercises that push the body to be quick activators. This includes hurdles, ladders, and other exercises that help athletes better their speed and agility. The goal of speed training is to produce a well-rounded athlete who can perform at their peak by combining it with strength and power training. This type of training is essential in developing an athlete capable of reaching their best potential and becoming an elite pitcher.

Finally, Topvelocity Speed Training is an essential part of developing a professional pitcher. The program concentrates on improving the pitcher's ability to rapidly activate their strength and respond to brain commands. The speed training exercises are intended to help pitchers improve their reaction time and become more explosive and faster on the mound. Topvelocity assists its athletes in reaching their best potential and becoming elite pitchers by combining speed training with strength and power training.

#5 Power Training for the Professional Pitcher

Olympic Lifting to build Explosive power for Pitchers and position players in baseball.

Power training is an important part of creating an elite, high velocity pitcher at TopVelocity. The distinction between power and strength is that power is the capacity to quickly activate strength. Power training is important for achieving the highest levels of speed and acceleration in a pitcher's delivery. This is why TopVelocity puts a strong emphasis on Olympic lifting, as it forces the body to generate forces rapidly and in more complex movements, similar to pitching. The power clean, for example, is a sequence of motions that include deadlifting, hip thrusting, cleaning, and stabilizing, all while accelerating forces through the body. This form of training aids in the development of the body's ability to rapidly sequence all joints and activate forces, just as it would in a game scenario. A pitcher's ability to perform at their best on the mound can be maximized with the proper power training program.

#6 Pitch Development for the Professional Pitcher

Pitches, Pitches, Pitches, and more PitchesPitch development is a crucial component of becoming an elite pitcher at TopVelocity. After the competitor has improved their biomechanics, strength, speed, power, and mobility, they can concentrate on improving their pitches. TopVelocity assists in this process by using tools such as the Clean Fuego ball to educate the pitcher about the spin axis and the position of the ball in relation to the axis of rotation. This teaches the hurler how to make a good vertical break for their fastball or a good horizontal break for their slider.

TopVelocity employs a pitch analytics system in addition to hands-on training to analyze the pitcher's profile and decide the best pitch strategies and grip for their individual strengths and abilities. This system considers the pitcher's biomechanics and performance metrics to create a personalized strategy for improving their pitches. TopVelocity's system can assist pitchers in developing the most effective and successful pitches for their unique abilities.

At the end of the day, TopVelocity's pitch development objective is to assist the pitcher in reaching their full potential and becoming a professional pitcher. TopVelocity provides the tools and resources necessary for the pitcher to accomplish their goals and achieve the greatest levels of success in the sport by combining hands-on training, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on the individual athlete.

BONUS: Evaluation and Tracking Progress for the Professional Pitcher

Professional PitcherEvaluation and progress monitoring are critical components in developing a professional pitcher at TopVelocity. TopVelocity knows the value of measuring and monitoring progress in order to achieve specific goals and eventually become a professional pitcher. To measure and monitor progress, they employ a variety of tools, including empirical evidence, the gold standard of 100 miles per hour, mobility measurements, performance measurements such as speed, strength, power, and biomechanics. Furthermore, they use artificial intelligence to identify specific areas that may be holding a player back and to provide a clear picture of what it will take to achieve their baseball goals and aspirations.

TopVelocity's evaluation and tracking system is intended to provide a comprehensive and effective means of measuring a player's development and identifying areas for improvement. This system allows players to see precisely where they stand and how far they are from their objectives. This not only keeps players motivated, but it also gives them the knowledge they need to focus their training and achieve their full potential. TopVelocity's evaluation and monitoring system provides players with a clear picture of their progress and what they need to do to achieve their goals, whether it's tracking their mobility, strength, speed, power, biomechanics, or pitch development.

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