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The Effectiveness of Olympic Lifts in Enhancing Athletic Performance

For over 15 years, I have utilized Olympic lifts to develop baseball players pitching velocity, throwing velocity, pop time, and even bat velocity. However, numerous people have often questioned my reasoning behind utilizing the cleans and their variations in my training methods. Today, I would like to introduce two studies that show the effectiveness of these lifts in enhancing athletic performance.

Ground Reaction Forces and Their Importance

Ground reaction forces refer to the forces an athlete applies to the ground to create energy, which is eventually transferred through kinetic energy to the ball and allows them to throw harder. The first study analyzed the ground reaction forces of beginner baseball pitchers compared to elite ones, while the second study looked at novice to experienced lifters performing the clean. In both studies, vertical force production was analyzed to determine the difference between beginner and elite athletes.

The Effectiveness of Olympic Lifts

The results of both studies showed that the elite athletes had significantly higher peak forces than beginners, both in pitching and lifting. The elite pitchers had higher peak forces closer to front foot strike, while the beginners' forces declined. Similarly, the elite lifters peaked at the late scoop phase in full triple extension, while beginners lost forces. The landing leg forces of the elite pitchers were higher than the beginners, and the elite lifters had a higher peak at the moment of launch. These findings demonstrate the effectiveness of Olympic lifts in enhancing athletic performance, specifically in increasing velocity.

In conclusion, despite criticism, the use of Olympic lifts, specifically the clean and clean variations, has been proven to be effective in enhancing athletic performance. The studies show that the symmetry and effectiveness of these lifts work together to increase ground reaction forces, resulting in higher kinetic energy transferred through the kinetic chain to the ball. That, folks, is why at Top Velocity, I have used Olympic lifts to develop hundreds of 90+mph testimonials.

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