Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Overload Underload TrainingPay attention, ambitious pitchers! If you want to throw faster pitches, you should be aware of a new training strategy known as the Overload Underload Training Method. Instead of using weighted baseballs, which can be dangerous, this method uses a 1&2LB Medicine Ball and requires both hands. This one-of-a-kind training is capturing the attention of both athletes and coaches. Why? Because it provides a more secure way to enhance your pitch speed. Sports science experts are beginning to recognize its benefits, and it is quickly becoming a game changer in the baseball community. It combines the best of both worlds—efficiency and safety—to allow you to throw quicker without jeopardizing your future pitching career.

But it's not only about increasing your pitch speed; it's also about executing it correctly. The research that underpins the Overload Underload Training method is fascinating. It tries to fine-tune the muscles and mechanics of throwing in order to give you that extra velocity while minimizing stress on your arm and shoulder. This is crucial since you do not want to jeopardize your long-term health for short-term profits. According to the scientists who study this, it's similar to upgrading your throwing arm to a high-performance machine, but one that's built to last. So, if you're serious about improving your pitching while also keeping your arm healthy, this training method could be the ticket you've been looking for.

Overload Underload Training: The Science

Overload Underload TrainingOverload Underload Training is based on the idea of varying resistance to enhance muscular adaptation and performance. Pitchers can use a 1&2LB Medicine Ball in this context to capitalize on the idea of resistance variety to increase their pitching velocity. Overload Underload Training is a safer and more controlled technique for baseball training than traditional weighted baseball training, which has yielded inconsistent results and poses injury hazards.

Problem with Weighted Baseball Training

This study looked into how weighted baseballs can help you throw faster (Reinold et al., 2018). We compared two groups of people: one used the unique weighted balls for practice, while the other practiced normally.

What was Discovered in the Study: Overload Underload Training

  1. The weighted ball group threw a little quicker, but not everyone improved. Some even become slower!
  2. Throwing quicker did not result from stronger or faster arms. So we don't know why it worked for some people but not for others.
  3. Both groups also followed a training regimen to strengthen their shoulder muscles. The non-weighted ball group had stronger shoulders, whereas the weighted ball group did not.
  4. The weighted ball group's shoulder movements had more range of motion. This could explain why they could throw quicker.
  5. Unfortunately, more participants were injured in the weighted ball group than in the other group.

Take precautions: Overload Underload Training

Throwing quicker isn't necessarily a desirable thing if it increases your chances of getting hurt. We also discovered that those with a lot of freedom in their shoulder movements were more likely to be hurt. So more practice is required to see what's truly going on.

Other Information

  1. Because our study only included a few participants, we cannot guarantee that this will happen to everyone.
  2. We can't be certain of the findings of the group that didn't employ weighted balls because they practiced on their own.
  3. We only looked at gamers aged 13 to 18, so we don't know if this holds true for everyone.

What Does This Really Mean?

Using weighted balls may help some individuals throw faster, but it may also increase your chances of getting hurt. Remember that pitching faster isn't the only factor that distinguishes a great baseball player!

The Benefits of 1&2LB Medicine Balls: Overload Underload Training

Overload Underload TrainingIt is not arbitrary to use a 1&2LB Medicine Ball for Overload Underload Training. This weight range enables pitchers to properly target pitching muscles without overloading the joints, notably the elbow. Furthermore, using both hands helps to uniformly distribute the load, lowering the risk of muscular imbalances and fostering symmetrical development.

Mastering the Method

Pitchers must focus on appropriate techniques to reap the most benefits from Overload Underload Training with a 1&2LB Medicine Ball. The aim is to incorporate the weighted ball into their throwing action while preserving fluidity and accuracy. Because variations in mechanics can have a substantial impact on results, expert advice is vital here. Brent Pourciau, a former professional pitcher and the brains behind the TopVelocity programs highlights the necessity of leveraging his knowledge and science-backed strategies to attain maximum performance increases.

The TopVelocity Method

Through his direct experience and thorough research, Brent Pourciau, the driving force behind TopVelocity programs, has revolutionized pitching instruction. Pourciau's dedication to evidence-based practice and player safety inspired him to create the Overload Underload Training approach, which employs a 1&2LB Medicine Ball. Based on his experience surviving a career-ending rotator cuff tear, he has developed a thorough program that allows pitchers to attain their full potential while reducing injury risks.

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FAQs: Overload Underload Training

Q: Is Overload Underload Training appropriate for all pitchers?
A: Yes, Overload Underload Training with a 1&2LB Medicine Ball is a diverse strategy that can assist pitchers of all skill levels if done correctly.

Q: How frequently should I include Overload Underload Training in my routine?
A: Although the frequency of training sessions may vary, consistency is essential. Consulting with a certified coach or trainer can assist you in developing a customized training plan.

Q: Can I use Overload Underload Training in addition to other throwing drills?
A: Without a doubt. Using this strategy with other focused drills can result in more thorough skill development and improved results.

Q: What precautions should I take when working out with a 1&2LB Medicine Ball?
A: Make adequate warming up a priority, as well as keeping proper form and avoiding overexertion. Consult a medical professional before beginning the program if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Q: How long does it take for pitching velocity to improve?
A: While results vary depending on individual conditions, many pitchers report dramatic gains after just a few weeks of consistent training.

Q: Where can I find trustworthy information regarding Overload Underload Training?
A: Brent Pourciau's TopVelocity classes provide a variety of knowledge and instruction on this training technique.


Reinold, M. M., Macrina, L. C., Fleisig, G. S., Aune, K., & Andrews, J. R. (2018). Effect of a 6-week weighted baseball throwing program on pitch velocity, pitching arm biomechanics, passive range of motion, and injury rates. Sports health10(4), 327-333.