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Pitching Drills for 8 Year OldsAre you looking for Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds? This is the article for you!

In the realm of youth baseball, developing the appropriate abilities at a young age may be game-changing. For 8-year-olds who want to be pitchers, the emphasis should not only be on velocity or striking out hitters, but also on the foundations that assure long-term success and injury avoidance. That's why it's critical to focus on workouts that serve a dual purpose: improving performance while lowering the chance of injury. After all, the top players are those who not only perform admirably but also maintain their peak performance over time.

That's where TopVelocity's specially developed drills come in. These drills aim to assist young players with the core abilities needed for advanced pitching by combining scientific insights with practical implementations. The top three pitching drills for 8-year-olds are discussed below: Core 3 Arm Path, 3X Crossover, and 3X Drive Drills. These are exercises that go beyond ordinary practice; they are education in action, with instant and long-term benefits. So, let us begin the path of developing the next generation of outstanding pitchers.

#1 Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds: Core 3 Arm Path

Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds Objective

The Core 3 Arm Path Drill is not just a single movement; it's a trifecta of essential actions designed to optimize the arm path during pitching. This set of dry drills focuses on achieving 90 degrees of arm flexion while maintaining an ideal shoulder and elbow alignment. It also incorporates the use of the scapula and trunk movement for efficient pitching.

How to Do It: Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds

Drill 1: Flexion and Scapular Pinch

  1. Set-Up: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, ball in your glove, and hands together.
  2. Lift and Step: Lift your lead leg while slightly stepping back with your trail leg.
  3. Hand Break and Flexion: As you step, break your hands apart and immediately aim for 90 degrees of arm flexion on both sides.
  4. Elbow Alignment: Line up your elbow with your lead side shoulder.
  5. Scapular Pinch: Engage your scapula, especially on the arm side, to secure the position.
  6. Reps: Perform multiple reps to engrain the movement.

Drill 2: External Rotation and Trunk Extension

  1. Set-Up: Start with feet in an open stance and elbows up.
  2. Glove Turn and Arm Lift: Turn your glove over while lifting your throwing arm up.
  3. Trunk Extension: Extend your trunk to facilitate arm laying back.
  4. Weight Balance: Keep your weight on your back leg while performing this movement.
  5. Reps: Go through multiple repetitions.

Drill 3: Arm Turnover and Trunk Push

  1. Set-Up: Maintain a straight stance with your feet, tuck your glove, and keep your arm up.
  2. Arm Turnover: Turn your arm over so that the elbow is aligned with the shoulder.
  3. Trunk Push: As you turn your arm over, push your trunk out.
  4. Slight Lean: Maintain a slight contralateral lean toward your glove side.
  5. Reps: Repeat this action multiple times.

Why It's Crucial

The Core 3 Arm Path Drill aims to synchronize the arm, scapula, and trunk movements for a harmonious and powerful pitching action. By focusing on 90 degrees of arm flexion and proper alignment, the drill ensures biomechanical efficiency, setting the foundation for more advanced skills.

Feel free to intersperse these drills with actual throws to better integrate these movements into your pitching routine. The idea is to make these movements second nature, ultimately enhancing your performance while reducing the risk of injury.

#2 Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds: 3X Crossover

Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds Objective

The 3X Crossover Drill is designed to improve your pitching mechanics by emphasizing the integration of hip rotation with arm and trunk movements. This dynamic drill helps you to develop a more explosive and controlled pitching motion. It also adds versatility, as it can be performed with a baseball, a medicine ball, or even a football to enhance different facets of your pitching.

How to Do It: Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds

Initial Setup

  • Foot Placement: Stand with your feet straight, but start in the opposite position to how you normally throw. For example, if you are a right-handed pitcher, your left foot will be forward.
  • Arm and Elbow Position: Start with your elbow up and arm all the way back.

Basic Movement

  1. Touch the Back Knee: Your back knee should slightly touch the ground as you prepare for the movement.
  2. Elbow Height: Ensure your elbow reaches shoulder height.
  3. Glove-side Alignment: Aim to line up your glove-side elbow while you pinch your back as far as possible.
  4. Hip Rotation: Turn against your hip to generate torque.
  5. Trunk Push and Arm Action: Turn your glove over and simultaneously push your trunk forward. Your elbow should come up as you prepare to throw the ball.


  • Foot Positions: As you get more comfortable, you can perform the drill with your feet close together, requiring a ball-of-the-foot swivel to initiate the throwing motion.
  • Equipment Options: The drill can be executed with a baseball, a medicine ball, or a football.

Progression and Reps

Perform multiple repetitions to ensure the movements become ingrained. Aim to throw 45 feet, maintaining the principles of the drill.

Why It's Important

The 3X Crossover Drill is more than just another exercise; it's a functional drill that brings together key elements of elite pitching mechanics. By challenging you to coordinate your lower body with your upper body and trunk, it enhances your biomechanical efficiency and explosiveness. The multiple equipment and foot position options add layers of complexity, allowing you to tailor the drill to your specific needs and skill level.

#3 Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds: 3X Drive Drill

Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds Objective

The 3X Drive Drill focuses on lower-body mechanics, specifically aiming to improve your stride length and propulsion energy. This unique drill involves multiple explosive "drives" to simulate the stride phase of a pitch, challenging you to maintain optimal energy throughout the motion. This is an excellent exercise for pitchers aiming to achieve an elite stride length and maximize the efficiency of their lower half.

How to Do It: Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds


  • Distance: Place a cone 20 feet away from your starting position. This distance equates to an elite stride length of over 6 feet.
  • Foot Position: Begin in a full-stride position with your feet open, focusing mainly on the lower half of your body.
  • Body Position: Keep your weight on your back leg, chin back, and arms up.

Basic Movement

  1. Lift and Load: Lift your front leg and load your weight onto your back leg.
  2. Fall Forward and Down: Initiate the motion by falling forward and down toward the target.
  3. First Drive: Make an explosive drive toward the cone.
  4. Step-Up: Move your back foot up to your front foot’s heel without crossing your feet.
  5. Second Drive: Load your weight again and make another explosive drive.
  6. Repeat: Perform a third drive using the same sequence.

Points to Remember

  • Maintain Momentum: Don’t stop between drives; this kills your momentum and forces you to restart your energy.
  • Athleticism is Key: Use your athleticism to build momentum and cover the distance effectively.

Progression and Reps

Try to cover the full 20-foot distance in three drives. If you fall short, return to the start and try again. The drill can also be performed with throws, adding an upper-body component.

Why It's Important

The 3X Drive Drill not only enhances your stride length but also focuses on the quality of your propulsion energy. Many athletes make the mistake of trying to "reach" with their front leg, which can shorten their stride and decrease effectiveness. By practicing this drill, you'll develop a more effective and powerful stride, which is critical for optimal pitching performance.

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FAQs: Pitching Drills for 8 Year Olds

  1. What is the Core 3 Arm Path drill? The Core 3 Arm Path drill consists of three sub-drills designed to improve the arm path during pitching. It emphasizes achieving 90 degrees of flexion on both arms, keeping the elbow at shoulder height, and achieving full external rotation. The drill is excellent for instilling proper arm mechanics and shoulder stability.
  2. How does the 3X Crossover drill differ from traditional pitching drills? The 3X Crossover drill focuses on achieving a high level of hip-shoulder separation. The drill teaches how to turn against hip rotation and align the glove side in flexion. It incorporates elements of footwork and trunk rotation to simulate a more game-like situation.
  3. What is the purpose of the 3X Drive drill? The 3X Drive drill aims to build propulsion energy coming off the back leg during the pitching stride. This drill is meant to enhance the stride's length and effectiveness, teaching players how to properly utilize their lower half. It's especially beneficial for athletes struggling to cover sufficient distance in their strides.
  4. Do these drills require any special equipment? A cone is needed for the 3X Drive drill to mark the distance to strive for in the stride. Otherwise, a baseball and glove are the only required equipment. Med balls and footballs can also be incorporated for added benefits.
  5. Are these drills suitable for 8-year-olds? Yes, these drills are designed to be age-appropriate for 8-year-olds, providing a good foundational structure to build upon as they grow and continue to play baseball.
  6. How often should these drills be performed? Frequency can vary based on the athlete's age, skill level, and training schedule. However, for 8-year-olds, performing these drills 2-3 times a week can offer noticeable improvements.
  7. Can these drills be done alone or do they require a partner? While these drills are designed so they can be done alone, having a partner or coach can provide immediate feedback, making the training session more effective.
  8. Can I incorporate these drills into the TopVelocity Patreon Pro membership? Yes, these drills can complement the training programs offered through the TopVelocity Patreon Pro membership. In fact, the membership can provide additional resources and personalized coaching to further enhance the effectiveness of these drills.
  9. How do I join the TopVelocity Patreon Pro for more advanced training? You can join the TopVelocity Patreon Pro membership through the TopVelocity website. Various tiers offer access to elite training, remote coaching by Coach Brent, and weekly video analysis, among other benefits.
  10. Is there a risk of injury with these drills? As with any physical activity, there is some level of risk involved. However, these drills have been designed with safety in mind, focusing on proper mechanics to reduce the risk of injury. Always consult a healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise program.