Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Increase Softball Pitching VelocityIf you've ever dreamt of becoming a top-level softball pitcher, then this article is your ticket to realizing that dream by helping you Increase Softball Pitching Velocity by 10 mph. The 3X Fastpitch Softball Velocity Program by TopVelocity is here to revolutionize the way you train, pitch, and perform. This isn't your regular training program; it's a scientifically designed, comprehensive guide that guarantees to add 5-10 mph to your pitching speed in just 16 weeks. Intrigued? Let's dive in.

The Best Program to Increase Softball Pitching Velocity

You might wonder, "What makes this program different?" The answer is simple: it's all backed by cutting-edge science. Gone are the days when softball training relied solely on conventional wisdom. Today, science takes the lead, helping athletes stay healthier, throw harder, and perform better. With the 3X Fastpitch Program, you will gain unparalleled insights into pitching mechanics and training methodologies that even most coaches aren't aware of.

Here's How You Can Increase Softball Pitching Velocity - Guaranteed!

Learn Elite Pitching Mechanics

Through case studies from medical journals, you'll learn the pitching mechanics of high-velocity pitchers. The program covers the revolutionary 2-Phase delivery and the six integral components of 3X Pitching:

3X Fastpitch Sequence

  • The Load
  • The Launch
  • Triple Extension
  • Separation
  • 2X Stabilization
  • Pitch Release

Train with Science-Backed Drills

You'll go through a proprietary set of pitching drills designed to teach high-velocity mechanics:

3X Fastpitch Drills

  • 3X Med Ball On Knee Throws
  • 3X Med Ball Full Stride Throws
  • 3X Target On Knee Throws
  • 3X Target Full Stride Throws
  • 3X Lateral Throws
  • 3X Drive Drills
  • 3X Load to Launch
  • 3X 2 Phase Delivery

Olympic-Based Strength Conditioning

Softball Clean and Jerk Training

The program incorporates an Olympic-based strength and conditioning regimen that is proven to maximize power and athletic performance. Master the Clean and Jerk along with many other velocity-enhancing lifts and exercises.

Structured 16-Week Calendar

The 3X Fastpitch program uses a state-of-the-art 3 Calendar training system, each covering 16 weeks to develop elite performance.

Nutritional Guidance

A comprehensive Nutritional Guide helps you supplement your training with the right nutrition to maximize gains.

Frequently Asked Questions to Increase Softball Pitching Velocity

  1. Who is this program for? Anyone serious about competing at a high level in softball, regardless of age.
  2. How much time does the program require? Expect 3-4 hours per day of off-season training, Monday through Friday.
  3. How do I get immediate access? Immediate download access to the entire program, including manuals and instructional videos, is granted after purchase.
  4. Is video instruction provided? Yes, over 60+ instructional videos cover all drills, lifts, and exercises.
  5. What if I need help? You can contact us at any point for personalized assistance and guidance.

What's Included?

  1. 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program Manual: A 33-page digital eBook in PDF format.
  2. Instructional Video Library: Over 60+ videos.
  3. Five Phone Sessions with Coach Brent Pourciau: Personalized coaching to help you achieve your pitching velocity goals.
  4. Pitching Video Analysis: In-depth video analysis to identify your mechanical issues.

Don't Miss Out!

The world of softball is evolving, and so should you. With the 3X Fastpitch Softball Program, you're not just following a trend; you're setting one. So why settle for the ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Enroll in the 3X Fastpitch Softball Program today and transform your pitching game forever.

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Increase Softball Pitching Velocity

3X Program with Queen of the Hill to Increase Softball Pitching Velocity

Are you ready to elevate your training to new heights and shatter your personal bests? We've got the ultimate game-changer for you! Now, you can bundle the 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program with the unparalleled Queen of the Hill Trainer for results that will make you stand out on the softball field.

Why Bundle?

  1. Maximize Efficiency: While the 3X Fastpitch Program focuses on biomechanics and science-backed training, the Queen of the Hill Trainer enhances ground force mechanics. The combination is a one-two punch that maximizes your pitching efficiency and power.
  2. Consistent Training: The Queen of the Hill Trainer perfectly complements the 3X Program's drills, allowing for a seamless and consistent training experience.
  3. Guaranteed Velocity Boost: The Queen of the Hill Trainer focuses on your leg drive, a crucial component in achieving high pitching velocity. When combined with the comprehensive pitching mechanics in the 3X Program, you'll see an unparalleled boost in your speed—guaranteed!
  4. Cost-Effective: Bundling these two power-packed tools offers a cost-effective solution for elite training that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars in coaching and specialized equipment.
  5. Exclusive Access: Get privileged access to additional instructional videos, webinars, and phone sessions with Coach Brent Pourciau to guide you through utilizing both these revolutionary tools to their fullest potential.

How It Works

  1. Purchase the Bundle: Get immediate access to the 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program and your very own Queen of the Hill Trainer will be shipped to you.
  2. Begin Your Training: Start the 16-week 3X Fastpitch Program while incorporating the Queen of the Hill Trainer into your routine.
  3. Personalized Coaching: Utilize the included phone sessions with Coach Brent Pourciau to tailor your program to your specific needs and make sure you are maximizing the benefits of both the 3X Program and the Queen of the Hill Trainer.
  4. Track & Analyze: Document your progress using both tools and watch your velocity skyrocket.
  5. Achieve Your Goals: With the power of science-backed training and specialized ground force mechanics, you'll not just meet but exceed your pitching goals.

Get Started Now to Increase Softball Pitching Velocity

Why settle for incremental improvements when you can have a radical transformation? Get your 3X Fastpitch Velocity Program and Queen of the Hill Trainer Bundle today and unleash the elite pitcher within you.

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Increase Softball Pitching Velocity