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Do Plyo Balls Increase VelocityIn the world of baseball, enhancing pitching velocity is a constant pursuit for players seeking to dominate on the mound. While various methods claim to increase velocity, one question frequently arises: Do Plyo Balls Increase Velocity? I have found no evidence to support this, but I have found compelling evidence to suggest that medicine ball training significantly boosts pitching speed. This article delves into the science-backed approach of incorporating medicine ball training into pitching programs, drawing insights from research and practical experience.

Do Plyo Balls Increase Velocity Better Than Medicine Balls

Understanding Trunk Contributions: Do Plyo Balls Increase Velocity?

Research emphasizes the crucial role of trunk rotational velocity in maximizing throwing performance, such as the study by Young in 2014. The correlation between trunk rotation and throwing velocity underscores the significance of training methods that target core strength and rotational power.

Do Plyo Balls Increase VelocityEvidence from Biomechanical Analysis: Do Plyo Balls Increase Velocity?

Young's study, which analyzed the biomechanics of baseball pitching, revealed strong correlations between medicine ball tosses and throwing velocity. This underscores the effectiveness of medicine ball exercises in enhancing pitching performance by improving trunk rotation and power transfer.

Exploring Collegiate Baseball Players: Do Plyo Balls Increase Velocity?

Adding to the evidence base, a recent study by Taniyama et al. (2021) delved into the relationship between rotational medicine ball throw velocity (RMBTV) and various aspects of baseball performance among NCAA Division III college players. The findings revealed moderate correlations between RMBTV and bat swing velocity, batted baseball velocity, and pitching velocity. This underscores the importance of whole-body power generated through rotational medicine ball throws in optimizing baseball performance across different domains.

Do Plyo Balls Increase VelocityPractical Application in TopVelocity Programs

The findings from Young's and Taniyama et al., research align with the methodologies employed in TopVelocity Programs, where medicine ball training is integrated to optimize pitching mechanics and velocity. By emphasizing trunk rotation and core stability, these programs offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing pitching performance.

Debunking the Myth: Do Plyo Balls Increase Velocity?

While plyometric training, including the use of plyo balls, is a popular method for enhancing athletic performance, the evidence supporting their efficacy in increasing pitching velocity is lacking. Unlike medicine ball training, which directly targets trunk rotation and power transfer, plyometric exercises may not provide the same specificity of training required for pitching mechanics.

Implementing Medicine Ball Training in TopVelocity Programs

In TopVelocity's renowned 3X Pitching Velocity program for pitchers and the 2X Velocity Program for position players, medicine ball training plays a pivotal role in enhancing athletic performance and maximizing throwing velocity.

3X Velocity ProgramIntegration in 3X Pitching Velocity Program

Within the 3X Pitching Velocity program, medicine ball exercises are seamlessly integrated into the training regimen to address specific biomechanical and strength needs essential for pitching velocity enhancement. Athletes undergo targeted medicine ball drills designed to optimize core stability, rotational power, and upper body explosiveness, all crucial components of elite pitching mechanics. By incorporating medicine ball training tailored to the demands of pitching, athletes in the 3X program can develop a more efficient and powerful pitching delivery, ultimately translating to increased velocity on the mound.

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2X Velocity ProgramInclusion in 2X Velocity Program

Similarly, in the 2X Velocity Program tailored for position players, medicine ball training forms an integral part of the comprehensive training protocol. Athletes engage in a variety of medicine ball exercises aimed at improving overall athleticism, explosive strength, and rotational power—attributes essential for hitting, fielding, and base running. By integrating medicine ball drills tailored to the specific demands of baseball positions, athletes participating in the 2X program can enhance their performance on the field, whether it's delivering powerful hits, making swift defensive plays, or stealing bases with speed and agility.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can plyo balls alone increase pitching velocity?
A: There is limited evidence to suggest that plyo balls alone can significantly increase pitching velocity.

Q: How does medicine ball training benefit pitchers?
A: Medicine ball training enhances core strength, rotational power, and trunk stability, leading to improved pitching velocity and mechanics.

Q: Are TopVelocity Programs effective for all skill levels?
A: Yes, TopVelocity Programs are designed to cater to pitchers of varying skill levels, offering tailored training protocols to optimize performance.

Q: What distinguishes medicine ball training from other pitching drills?
A: Medicine ball training provides a specific focus on trunk rotation and power transfer, addressing key components essential for maximizing pitching velocity.

Q: Can pitchers incorporate both plyo balls and medicine ball training?
A: While it is possible to integrate both methods into a training regimen, prioritizing medicine ball training for its direct impact on pitching mechanics may yield better results.

Q: Is there a recommended frequency for incorporating medicine ball exercises into pitching workouts?
A: It is advisable to include medicine ball exercises in pitching workouts at least 2-3 times per week to ensure consistent gains in velocity and performance.


In the pursuit of pitching excellence, understanding the most effective training methods is paramount. While the question of whether plyo balls increase velocity remains inconclusive, the evidence supporting the efficacy of medicine ball training is compelling. By prioritizing exercises that enhance trunk rotation, core stability, and power transfer, pitchers can unlock their full potential on the mound. With TopVelocity Programs leading the way in science-backed training methodologies, aspiring pitchers have access to proven strategies for maximizing their velocity and performance.


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Young, J. (2014). Trunk contributions to baseball pitching velocity (Doctoral dissertation, The Ohio State University).

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