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Christian Ash’s journey going From 77mph To 90mph is a story of perseverance, hard work, and the right training program. In this article, we will explore the detailed steps and strategies that transformed Christian’s pitching velocity and athletic performance. This case study not only showcases his success but also serves as an inspiration and a practical guide for aspiring pitchers.

Background: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Going From 77mph To 90mphEarly Baseball Career: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Christian Ash’s love for baseball began at a very young age. He started in the foundational stages of the sport, participating in t-ball and coach-pitch leagues. His early experiences on the field were filled with the joy and excitement that many young athletes feel when first introduced to a sport they love. However, despite his passion for the game, he didn't initially stand out as an exceptional talent.

As Christian advanced through the levels of youth baseball, he found his place on various teams, trying out different positions and learning the fundamentals of the game. It wasn't until eighth grade that he got his first opportunity to pitch. This new role on the mound sparked a deeper interest and commitment to baseball, yet he quickly realized that pitching required a unique set of skills and athletic abilities that he had yet to develop fully.

Throughout high school, Christian continued to pitch but struggled to make significant strides in his performance. Despite his dedication and the countless hours spent practicing, his fastball rarely exceeded 78mph. He played for a small high school team where the level of competition and the quality of coaching didn't provide the environment needed for significant growth. Consequently, his performance remained relatively mediocre, and he didn't attract attention from college scouts or prestigious baseball programs.

Going From 77mph To 90mphCollege Setbacks: Going From 77mph To 90mph

After graduating high school, Christian faced the challenging transition to college baseball. His freshman year was particularly tough, as he didn't even try out for the college team. The primary reason for this decision was his self-awareness of his limitations and the competitiveness of college-level baseball. He felt unprepared and doubted his ability to compete at that level, leading him to consider hanging up his cleats for good.

To make matters worse, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the entire sports world. College baseball seasons were canceled, and opportunities to prove himself on the field vanished. This period could have marked the end of Christian’s baseball journey, but it unexpectedly became a pivotal turning point.

During the lockdown, Christian found himself with an abundance of time and a renewed desire to reignite his baseball career. He began researching ways to improve his performance, focusing on strength training, pitching mechanics, and overall athletic development. It was during this time that he discovered TopVelocity and the potential it held for transforming his abilities. Motivated by the promise of the program and the success stories of others, Christian decided to take a leap of faith and invest in his future as a pitcher.

This decision to join TopVelocity marked the beginning of a new chapter in Christian’s life, one defined by hard work, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to achieving his goals. The transformation that followed would not only save his baseball career but also serve as an inspiring testament to the power of determination and the right training program.

TopVelocity: Going From 77mph To 90mph

First Impressions

Christian Ash’s journey to TopVelocity began with countless hours spent watching online videos. He stumbled upon Brent Pourciau’s breakdowns and pitching tips, which immediately caught his attention. Brent’s in-depth analysis of professional pitchers and his practical advice resonated with Christian, who was desperately seeking ways to enhance his pitching skills. The videos were not just educational; they were inspiring. They offered a glimpse of what was possible with the right training and approach.

However, Christian faced a significant hurdle: financial constraints. The cost of joining the TopVelocity program was initially beyond his reach. Despite this, he didn’t give up on his dream. For two years, he continued to follow Brent’s videos, applying what he could from afar. He saved diligently, determined to gather enough funds to attend the camp. Finally, at the age of 20, Christian managed to enroll in the TopVelocity camp, a decision that would prove to be transformative.

Going From 77mph To 90mphInitial Assessment

Upon arriving at TopVelocity, Christian underwent a thorough initial assessment. At 6'4" and weighing only 180 lbs, it was clear that he had a lot of untapped potential. However, his current athletic performance metrics told a different story. He was below average in several key areas essential for a successful pitcher. His explosiveness, strength, and overall athleticism were lacking, and his pitching velocity had stagnated at 78mph for years.

This assessment was a reality check. It highlighted the significant gap between where he was and where he needed to be to compete at the college level. Despite his height, which was advantageous for a pitcher, his weight was not optimal for generating the power and speed needed on the mound. His lower body strength and explosiveness, critical components for pitching, were underdeveloped. This explained why his fastball velocity remained disappointingly low, making it hard to envision a future in college baseball, let alone professional aspirations.

But instead of being discouraged, Christian saw this as a starting point. The detailed assessment provided him with a clear picture of his weaknesses and the areas that required the most attention. It also reaffirmed his belief in the TopVelocity program. The structured and scientific approach of the program, combined with Brent’s expertise, gave him the confidence that he could turn his deficiencies into strengths.

This initial assessment laid the foundation for a tailored training program designed to improve his strength, explosiveness, and pitching mechanics. Christian was ready to embrace the challenge, fully committed to the rigorous training regimen ahead. The journey from this point forward was about leveraging the insights gained from the assessment to fuel his transformation into a high-velocity pitcher.

The Training Program: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Going From 77mph To 90mphWeight Gain and Strength Training

One of the first and most critical objectives for Christian Ash was to increase his body weight and overall strength. Given his height of 6'4", his initial weight of 180 lbs was insufficient for maximizing his potential as a power pitcher. The TopVelocity program started with a focus on structured strength training and nutritional plans tailored to help him gain muscle mass effectively.

Christian followed a rigorous weight training regimen that targeted all the major muscle groups, with a particular emphasis on lower body strength, core stability, and upper body power. The program included compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, which are fundamental for building the kind of explosive strength needed for pitching. In addition to weightlifting, he incorporated plyometric exercises designed to enhance his explosive power and overall athleticism.

Alongside his physical training, Christian adopted a high-protein diet to support muscle growth. The nutritional aspect was as meticulously planned as the workout routines, ensuring he consumed enough calories and nutrients to fuel his training and recovery. Over time, this comprehensive approach paid off significantly. Christian increased his weight from 180 lbs to 215 lbs, a gain of 35 lbs in lean muscle mass. This weight gain was not merely about adding bulk but was accompanied by substantial improvements in his athletic metrics, setting the stage for the enhancements in his pitching performance.

Improving Athleticism

Christian's journey to becoming a high-velocity pitcher required significant improvements in various athletic metrics. Here are some key areas where he made remarkable progress:

  • Vertical Jump: When Christian first arrived at TopVelocity, his vertical jump measured at 30 inches. Through dedicated training that included plyometric exercises and strength workouts, he managed to increase his vertical jump to 37 inches. This 7-inch improvement indicated a significant boost in his explosive power, crucial for the pitching motion.
  • Power Clean: Initially, Christian could power clean 225 lbs. The power clean is a full-body exercise that is particularly effective for developing explosive strength. Through progressive overload and consistent training, he increased his power clean to an impressive 310 lbs. This increase reflected his enhanced ability to generate power quickly, which directly translated to his pitching velocity.
  • Broad Jump: Christian’s broad jump improved from 8 feet to 10 feet. This metric is a good indicator of lower body explosiveness and balance. The 2-foot increase demonstrated his improved ability to generate force from his legs, essential for an effective pitching delivery.
  • 10-Yard Dash: Speed and agility are vital for a pitcher’s overall athleticism. Christian’s 10-yard dash time improved from 1.7 seconds to 1.46 seconds. This reduction in time showcased his enhanced quickness and acceleration, contributing to his overall athletic profile.

Going From 77mph To 90mphDrive Drills and Mechanical Refinement

In addition to strength and conditioning, Christian’s training placed a strong emphasis on refining his pitching mechanics. Drive drills became a cornerstone of his routine. These drills focused on proper leg engagement and energy transfer, which are crucial for maximizing pitching velocity and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Drive Drills: Drive drills are designed to help pitchers use their lower body effectively, generating power from the legs and transferring it through the core to the arm. Christian practiced these drills diligently, learning to initiate his movements from his hips and legs rather than relying solely on his upper body. This change was critical in improving his overall mechanics and efficiency on the mound.
  • Leg Engagement: One of the key components of the drive drills was to ensure that Christian’s legs were fully engaged throughout his pitching motion. This involved exercises that taught him to push off the mound with maximum force, using his legs to drive his body forward and generate speed. These drills helped him understand the importance of lower body strength and how to utilize it effectively.
  • Energy Transfer: Effective pitching mechanics require a seamless transfer of energy from the lower body through the torso and finally to the arm. Christian worked on drills that emphasized maintaining a strong and stable core, ensuring that the energy generated by his legs was efficiently transferred through his body. This not only helped in increasing his pitching velocity but also in maintaining consistency and accuracy.

Through these targeted drills and consistent practice, Christian was able to refine his pitching mechanics significantly. This mechanical refinement, combined with his improved strength and athleticism, played a crucial role in his transformation into a high-velocity pitcher.

The Results: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Going From 77mph To 90mphVelocity Gains

Christian Ash’s journey at TopVelocity culminated in one of the most sought-after achievements for any pitcher: a substantial increase in pitching velocity. When Christian first arrived at TopVelocity, his fastball velocity was stuck at 78mph, a speed that placed him at a disadvantage in competitive baseball. However, through rigorous training and a disciplined approach, Christian made remarkable strides.

After months of dedicated work, Christian’s pitching velocity soared from 78mph to 93mph, a staggering 15mph increase. This improvement was not just a numerical milestone but a game-changer for his baseball career. A fastball at 93mph is competitive at the college level and can attract the attention of scouts and coaches, opening doors to more advanced play and potential professional opportunities.

This transformation was a direct result of the comprehensive training regimen at TopVelocity, which combined strength and conditioning with mechanical refinement. The increase in his lower body strength, core stability, and overall athleticism allowed him to generate more power and transfer that energy efficiently through his pitching mechanics. The focus on drive drills and proper leg engagement ensured that every ounce of power from his body was used to propel the ball, maximizing his velocity.

Going From 77mph To 90mphConsistency and Discipline: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Christian’s success story is a testament to the power of consistency and discipline in achieving athletic excellence. Throughout his journey, there were numerous challenges and moments of self-doubt. The rigorous nature of the TopVelocity program required unwavering commitment and an intense work ethic. Christian’s ability to stay focused on his goals, despite the physical and mental demands, was a key factor in his progress.

Consistency in training meant adhering to a strict schedule, following through with every workout, drill, and nutritional plan without fail. Discipline involved pushing through the tough days when progress seemed slow or when fatigue set in. Christian learned that improvement in sports is often a gradual process, with significant gains coming as a result of sustained effort over time.

One of the most important lessons from Christian’s journey is the value of incremental progress. Instead of getting discouraged by the distance between his current abilities and his ultimate goals, he focused on small, measurable improvements. Each additional mile per hour on his fastball, every extra inch on his vertical jump, and each pound added to his lifts represented a step forward. These incremental gains accumulated over time, leading to the substantial overall improvement in his pitching performance.

Moreover, Christian’s story highlights the importance of mental toughness. The temptation to quit was real, especially during periods of stagnation or slow progress. However, his belief in the TopVelocity program and the support from his coaches and peers helped him stay the course. This mental resilience, combined with his physical efforts, drove his transformation.

In conclusion, Christian Ash’s journey from a 78mph fastball to 93mph showcases the profound impact of consistent and disciplined training. His story serves as an inspiration for other athletes facing similar challenges, demonstrating that with the right mindset, dedication, and a structured program, significant performance improvements are achievable.

Christian's Perspective: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Going From 77mph To 90mphOvercoming Challenges

Christian Ash’s journey to becoming a competitive pitcher was filled with numerous challenges and obstacles. From the very beginning, he had to overcome skepticism about his potential. When he first joined TopVelocity, his performance metrics were far from impressive, and the path ahead seemed daunting. Many around him, and at times even Christian himself, doubted whether he could achieve the dramatic improvement he desired.

One of the biggest challenges was overcoming self-doubt. Despite his passion for baseball, Christian often questioned his abilities, especially when progress was slow. There were moments when it seemed easier to give up than to push through the grueling training sessions and rigorous drills. The physical and mental demands of the program tested his resilience and determination.

Christian’s approach to overcoming these challenges was to focus on incremental improvements. He learned to celebrate each small victory along the way, whether it was an extra pound lifted, a faster sprint time, or a slight increase in his pitching velocity. By breaking down his larger goal into smaller, more manageable milestones, he maintained a sense of progress and achievement. This strategy helped him stay motivated and kept his spirits high, even when the overall goal seemed distant.

Another key aspect of overcoming challenges was the support system at TopVelocity. Christian found encouragement from his coaches and fellow athletes, who understood the struggles he was facing and provided motivation and guidance. This sense of community and shared purpose played a crucial role in helping him push through tough times.

The Role of TopVelocity: Going From 77mph To 90mph

3X Velocity CampChristian attributes much of his success to the structured and evidence-based approach of the TopVelocity program. From the moment he joined, the program provided a clear blueprint for his development. This roadmap included detailed training plans, nutritional guidelines, and performance metrics that allowed Christian to track his progress objectively.

The emphasis on measurable progress was particularly motivating for Christian. Instead of relying on vague feelings of improvement, he had concrete data to demonstrate his gains. This scientific approach helped him understand the direct impact of his efforts and maintained his motivation to keep pushing forward. Each time he saw an improvement in his athletic metrics or pitching velocity, it reinforced his belief in the program and his ability to achieve his goals.

TopVelocity’s focus on holistic development also played a significant role in Christian’s transformation. The program didn’t just aim to increase his pitching velocity; it worked on enhancing his overall athleticism, strength, and mechanics. This comprehensive approach ensured that Christian developed the necessary foundation to sustain and build upon his improvements.

Moreover, the personalized attention and expert guidance from Brent Pourciau and the coaching staff were invaluable. They provided tailored feedback, corrected his mechanics, and introduced drills that specifically addressed his weaknesses. This individualized coaching helped Christian refine his skills and optimize his performance.

In Christian’s own words, TopVelocity provided him with the tools and the knowledge he needed to succeed. The program’s structured approach, combined with his determination and hard work, led to a transformation that exceeded his expectations. Christian’s journey is a testament to the effectiveness of TopVelocity’s methods and the power of commitment and perseverance.

In conclusion, Christian Ash’s perspective highlights the importance of a structured training program and the right mindset in overcoming challenges. His story underscores the value of incremental progress, the support of a dedicated community, and the guidance of experienced coaches. Through TopVelocity, Christian not only improved his pitching velocity but also gained the confidence and resilience needed to pursue his baseball dreams.

Expert Insights: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Going From 77mph To 90mphBrent Pourciau’s View: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Brent Pourciau, the founder of TopVelocity, has long been an advocate for the integration of athleticism and proper mechanics in achieving high pitching velocities. He believes that raw athletic ability, when combined with precise mechanical refinement, creates the ideal foundation for a successful pitcher. Brent’s philosophy is grounded in biomechanics, strength training, and sports science, which are the core elements of the TopVelocity program.

According to Brent, many pitchers fall short of their potential because they lack the necessary athletic foundation or are not optimizing their mechanics. He argues that a pitcher’s velocity is not just about arm strength but involves the entire kinetic chain—from the legs to the core to the arm. By enhancing an athlete’s overall strength and explosiveness and ensuring that each component of the pitching motion works harmoniously, significant gains in velocity can be achieved.

Christian Ash’s transformation is a testament to Brent’s approach. Christian’s initial assessment revealed deficiencies in strength, explosiveness, and mechanical efficiency. By addressing these areas through targeted training and drills, Christian was able to improve his athletic metrics and refine his pitching mechanics. This holistic development allowed him to maximize his power output and achieve a substantial increase in his pitching velocity.

Brent often highlights Christian’s story as an example of how dedicated training and adherence to the principles of athletic development and mechanical refinement can lead to remarkable results. It underscores the importance of viewing the pitcher as a complete athlete and addressing all aspects of their physical and technical capabilities.

Conclusion: Going From 77mph To 90mph

Christian Ash’s journey from throwing 77mph to consistently touching 90mph is a powerful example of what can be achieved with the right training, dedication, and mindset. His success story is not just about increasing pitching velocity; it’s about the transformation of an athlete who was willing to push through challenges, embrace rigorous training, and trust in a structured program.

Christian’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring pitchers everywhere. It demonstrates that significant improvements are possible with a comprehensive approach that includes strength training, mechanical refinement, and a commitment to incremental progress. His journey highlights the transformative potential of the TopVelocity program and the power of persistence and hard work.

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TopVelocity offers a detailed blueprint for success, guiding athletes through the necessary steps to improve their performance. Whether you’re struggling with your current velocity or looking to take your game to the next level, TopVelocity can provide the tools and support you need to reach your goals.

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