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In the fiercely competitive world of baseball, athletes are always on the lookout for innovative training methods and tools to enhance their performance and outshine their rivals. Baseball training gear packages offer a comprehensive suite of equipment and programs designed to cater to players of all ages and skill levels. These packages are meticulously crafted to address various aspects of the game, from pitching velocity to overall athleticism, ensuring that players can maximize their potential on the field.

TopVelocity, a leading name in baseball training, offers a range of gear packages that integrate cutting-edge technology with evidence-based training methodologies. These packages, developed by Brent Pourciau, a former professional pitcher and sports science expert, are designed to provide athletes with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve elite performance. Whether you are a young athlete just starting out, a seasoned player aiming to fine-tune your skills, or a coach seeking to elevate your team's performance, TopVelocity has a solution tailored to your needs.

In this article, we will delve into the various baseball training gear packages offered by TopVelocity, exploring their key features, benefits, and the unique components that set them apart. From the TopVelocity Exceleration Package to the Youth Development Kit, each package is designed to empower athletes and coaches with the resources needed to reach new heights in the sport. Join us as we uncover how these training gear packages can revolutionize your baseball training and help you achieve your dreams on the diamond.

TopVelocity Exceleration Package: Baseball Training Gear Packages

Baseball Training Gear PackagesIn the competitive world of baseball, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their performance and gain an edge over their competitors. The TopVelocity Exceleration Package is designed to provide that edge by combining innovative tools and comprehensive training programs. This package is ideal for players of all levels who are committed to achieving unprecedented success both on the mound and in the field.

Key Features of the TopVelocity Exceleration Package

Dual Innovation

The TopVelocity Exceleration Package stands out with its dual innovation approach. It includes the Stride Excelerator and the Trunk Excelerator:

  1. Stride Excelerator: This tool focuses on elite lower-half movement, helping players add 5+ mph to their throwing velocity. It is designed to optimize stride length and mechanics, crucial for pitching and throwing with power and accuracy.
  2. Trunk Excelerator: This tool revolutionizes velocity development by harnessing the power of the trunk for more efficient energy transfer and enhanced power. It targets core strength and stability, essential for maximizing throwing velocity.

Comprehensive Training Program

The package includes a meticulously crafted training program with drills and exercises tailored to leverage both Excelerators. This ensures optimal technique and performance gains.

Instructional Videos

To maximize the effectiveness of the training, the package provides step-by-step instructional videos. These videos offer visual guidance to perfect drills and ensure players are performing exercises correctly.

Performance Enhancement

The targeted development in the TopVelocity Exceleration Package improves pitching velocity, precision, and overall throwing prowess. This makes players formidable forces in every play.

Competitive Edge

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and techniques, players will stand out to coaches, scouts, and teammates. The superior skills developed through this package set players apart from the competition.

Your TopVelocity Exceleration Package Includes

  1. The Stride Excelerator
  2. The Trunk Excelerator
  3. 3X Velocity Development Kit
  4. Comprehensive Instructional Videos

For assistance or inquiries, contact TopVelocity at 415-877-4850. Our experts are ready to support your journey to peak performance.

Baseball Training Gear Packages

Top Velocity Elite Development Kit for 13 and Up: Baseball Training Gear Packages

Step into the realm of high-performance baseball with the Top Velocity Elite Development Kit, specifically tailored for athletes aged 13 and up. Harnessing the education, research, and experiences of Brent Pourciau, this kit is perfect for athletes poised to push their abilities beyond the ordinary.

What's Included

  1. 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program: Designed to skyrocket pitching velocity with an intense, comprehensive training regime suited for older players.
  2. Top Velocity Pro Training App: An advanced app featuring sophisticated drills, immediate feedback, and progress tracking.
  3. 2 Pro-Grade Med Balls: Essential for building core strength and enhancing throwing dynamics.
  4. Adult Stride Excelerator: Engineered to perfect stride mechanics.
  5. 3X Elite Mobility Training: Elite-level mobility routines to unlock 90+ mph pitches.
  6. High-Performance Mobility Band: Improves flexibility and mobility, critical for injury prevention.
  7. Stride Excelerator Development Kit: Focuses on increasing stride length and strength.
  8. Professional Video Analysis (3 Sessions): Detailed feedback provided by Top Velocity experts.
  9. Customized Setup and Strategy: Personalized setup aligned with unique goals and objectives.

Why Choose the Top Velocity Elite Development Kit?

This kit is a scientifically-backed path to elite baseball performance, inspired by Brent Pourciau's journey and created from the perspective of sports science specialists. It combines advanced training methodologies tailored for ambitious athletes, focusing on enhancing natural abilities while minimizing injury risks.

TopVelocity Elite Development Kit

3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit: Baseball Training Gear Packages

Baseball Training Gear PackagesRevolutionize your coaching and take your pitchers to the next level with the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit by Brent Pourciau. This comprehensive bundle equips coaches with the tools, knowledge, and training programs needed to transform young pitchers into powerhouses on the mound.

What's Inside the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit

  1. 3X Pitching Coaches Program: Deep dive into the science and art of pitching.
  2. 3X Pitching Beginner Program: Perfect for introducing young pitchers to the fundamentals of the 3X approach.
  3. 3X Training App: Convenient access to drills, videos, and training plans.
  4. Mobility Training: Enhances flexibility and range of motion.
  5. Mobility Band: Improves mobility and prevents injuries.
  6. Speed Strength and Power Training: Develops explosive strength and power.
  7. Stride Excelerator: Elevates stride mechanics.
  8. Stride Excelerator Dev Kit: Essential tools and guidance for implementing stride excelsior techniques.
  9. 3X Pitching 101: Comprehensive guide to 3X pitching principles.
  10. 2 LB Medballs: Strengthens the throwing arm and improves accuracy.
  11. 3X Drill Training: Refines specific techniques and exercises.
  12. 3X Exam: Tests knowledge of the 3X Pitching programs.
  13. TopV Sled: Enhances velocity and strength.
  14. 3X Evaluation: Assesses pitchers' progress with precision.

Why Choose the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit?

Brent Pourciau's evidence-based methods have transformed the baseball world. By investing in this kit, coaches empower their pitchers to reach their full potential, joining the ranks of top coaches who use the 3X approach to create pitching dynasties.

3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit

Top Velocity Youth Development Kit (12 and Under): Baseball Training Gear Packages

Baseball Training Gear PackagesThe Top Velocity Youth Development Kit is a groundbreaking bundle designed specifically for young athletes. Developed by Brent Pourciau, this kit fuels the dreams and ambitions of the next generation of baseball stars.

What's Included

  1. Top Velocity Beginner Program: Introduces the fundamentals of pitching with step-by-step guidance.
  2. Top Velocity Training App: Provides interactive drills, real-time feedback, and progress tracking.
  3. 2 Med Balls: Essential for building core strength and enhancing throwing power.
  4. Youth Stride Excelerator: Perfects stride mechanics in a fun and engaging way.
  5. 3X 90+mph Mobility Training: Unlocks elite joint mobility and kinetic chain potential.
  6. Mobility Band: Guides young athletes through essential stretching exercises.
  7. Stride Excelerator Development Kit: Aids in the progressive development of stride length and strength.
  8. 3 Video Analyses: Personalized feedback from Top Velocity professionals.
  9. Initial Set Up and Design: Hands-on initial setup aligned with specific needs and goals.

Why Choose the Top Velocity Youth Development Kit?

With input from specialists in kinesiology and sports science, this kit is a scientifically supported path to success that draws inspiration from Brent Pourciau's journey. It focuses on enhancing natural abilities while significantly reducing the risk of injury.

TopVelocity Youth Development Kit


The TopVelocity training gear packages offer comprehensive solutions for baseball players and coaches at all levels. Whether you're aiming to improve your pitching velocity, refine your coaching techniques, or nurture young talent, these packages provide the tools and knowledge needed to achieve your goals. Order your TopVelocity package today and take the first step towards baseball greatness.