Athleticism Defines the Pitching Mechanism

Chapman Athleticism PitchingThe biggest miss conception in baseball, I mean the BIGGEST, is that pitching is pure mechanics driven. This couldn’t be more backwards in thinking than the belief that a fast car is the pure result of a good driver. Put Jeff Gordon in a go cart and let’s see how good he does in the Daytona 500.

The problem with this game and let’s just say life in general is that most people do not think before they act. They do not question this game enough. Why do we run long distance in practice? Why do we throw long toss? Why do we not build our muscular strength and power as a team? Why does my coach continue to yell at me that I do not finish out front? Why do I not get better every year in this game? Why are other players better than me?

Not asking these questions, or more important, not answering these questions is why most people who play this game never reach their true potential. [Read more…]

How to Gain 5 MPH on Your Fastball

How to Gain 5 MPH on Your FastballAdding 5 MPH to your fastball can be a tough challenge if you do not know what you are doing. You definitely will not accomplish this using conventional wisdom. Old school approaches like extreme long toss, weighted balls or speed chains may get you close but the pitching speed increase will eventually go away or may not even transfer to the mound.

It is important to understand that you want to add 5 MPH to your fastball on the mound, not only on flat ground. Throwing from the mound uses  a different kinematic sequence than on flat ground. This must be a main focus of the velocity enhancement program.

When I developed the revolutionary approach to pitching velocity called 3X Pitching, I first analyzed some of the hardest throwers in the game to try and discover their secrets. I wasn’t as interested in their training programs because most of these hard throwers, I felt, had superior genetics. I knew that if I could learn what they were doing mechanically, which was causing them to throw so hard, I could then try to emulate these mechanics through training my body to move like theirs. I believed that this was a good strategy for success. I soon learned that this was true. [Read more…]

Baseball Training Manual

Baseball Training ManualSo you need a program that is going to make you Bigger, Stronger and Faster so you can kick some ass? Well, congratulations you have found the perfect program for making this happen! The question now is do you really want to do what it takes to turn yourself into an elite athlete?The reason they are called elite athletes is because only a few can put themselves into this category. All the others give up. Will you give up or will you make it to the promise land?

I was in the same position as you in my career. I was an average ball player and wanted to always play at the next level. Eventually my genetics wasn’t getting the job done, so I had to find something that would reconstruct my DNA and turn me into an elite athlete. This is when I met the legendary Coach Gayle Hatch and his protege Kurt Hester. If you want to learn more about them, then you must watch this priceless interview I did with the Godfather of strength and conditioning, Coach Gayle Hatch. [Read more…]

Take this Pill and Throw 90mph!

Pitching Velocity Pill

Why waste your time and money on pitching coaches and strength and conditioning when you can get all the velocity you want in a pill?

Do you want to know what it is like to throw 90 plus mph?

Do you want to dominate every batter you face?

Do you want to get drafted in the top round and sign for millions?

Then you do not have to wait any longer? All your dreams will come true in this one pill. Velocity is the latest in medical advancements in the world of genetic therapy. This pill will genetically remodel your body to throw a baseball 90 plus miles per hour. Once you take this pill you will feel a burning sensation in your arm and after 33 seconds your next pitch will exceed 90 mph. [Read more…]

Bad Pitching Mechanics is a Sign of Muscular Weakness

Bad Pitching MechanicsAbove average coordination is a sign of fast twitch muscle strength. Fast twitch motor neurons recruit more muscle fibers. This means more control of the body and also more explosive power. The biggest problem for a pitching coach, when working with a pitcher who does not have good hip rotation or who does not load and build a full body stride, is that this is the result of poor core and leg strength and no mechanical drill will fix this problem.

Drills only help pitchers who are having a hard time changing flawed muscle memory. It doesn’t help pitchers who have good muscle memory but poor muscle strength. This is why we have weight rooms. This is why any coach who tells you that weight lifting will NOT help you as a pitcher is clueless and is wasting your time and maybe even your money. A good strength and conditioning program that incorporates Olympic lifts, plyometric training and an intense speed training program is essential to developing good pitching mechanics. Good athletes make good pitchers. [Read more…]

Fast Twitch Pitching

Fast Twitch PitchingProfessional Baseball is full of genetic freaks. Long and slender pitchers who throw mid to upper 90’s like A.J. Burnett and Aroldis Chapman. At this moment, Major League scouts are combing the earth looking for these rare specimens. This is why it is so exciting when someone like Tim Lincecum at 5’9 170 pounds, throwing 95 mph, comes along and blows everyone’s mind. Yes, Tim is a new kind of freak but what he proves is that throwing hard can also be a little mans game. Tim is evidence that the strength and conditioning world is not just  hype. It is real and it is the fountain of success for any athlete. It teaches why someone like Tim Lincecum throws as hard as someone the total opposite in size, like A.J. Burnett or Aroldis Chapman. Why doesn’t Major League Baseball teach little guys to throw as hard as big guys? Because they do not have too. Major League Baseball is like a spoiled child. It gets everything it wants. Therefore, they have no need to make what they already have. [Read more…]

Fitts/Posner 3 Stages of Learning and Sport Speed Tests

by Chad Englehart

Many athletes today have the desire to reach a higher level of athletics. Whether it is an athlete going from Jr. High to High School, or an athlete making the transition from high school to college athletics and the big one college to professional athletics. All throughout America, young athletes have dreams to make it to the top of their sport; many try only a few succeed.

To make it to the professional level it takes all the intangibles of practice, hard work, heart, desire, skill, strength, speed, etc; but, one of the most important traits is a simple word and it is genetics. Some athletes can top out their genetic potential only running a 4.97second 40 yard dash or topping out their fast ball at 78mph and that is ok, but ask yourself as a parent or an ex athlete, did I max out my potential? When did I start really training and being educated by my coach on how to and why? Did my coach teach me the right way to train and perform the different tasks, drills, or tests? [Read more…]

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