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The National Pitching Association or better known as the NPA is known for its velocity study from 2005-2006. It credited a revolutionary pitching velocity component called hip to shoulder separation to 80% of a pitchers potential velocity.

The National Pitching Association is run by Tom House who is the developer of the most recent Velocity Plus Program made popular by the HBO Steve Delabar story which highlighted his comeback to baseball. The Velocity Plus Program is a weighted ball program.'s 3X Pitching Velocity Program is not affiliated with this program and takes a different approach to increasing pitching velocity. Here at TopVelocity we believe weighted ball programs have their place in pitching velocity development but not in a beginner program. The pitcher must have good pitching mechanics void of any red flags pointing out arm injury potential before using a weight ball program. Our 3X Pitching Velocity Program trains the pitcher to develop elite high velocity pitching mechanics while also preventing injury.

In the articles below you will learn more about the National Pitching Association and more about the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. Start now increasing your pitching velocity with a revolutionary pitching velocity program built around hip to shoulder separation.

Study Proves Separation-Timing More Accurate Measurement of Pitch Velocity

Measuring Hip to Shoulder SeparationSeparation-timing more accurate measurement of pitch velocity, WHAT IS THIS?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better and it does!

If you know anything about 3X Pitching, you know the power of hip to shoulder separation. If you do not know anything about 3X Pitching then watch this video on 3X Pitching 101. 3X Pitching is a comprehensive approach to high velocity pitching that teaches the enhancement of hip to shoulder separation through a linear force vector and an explosive triple extension (3X).

Hip to shoulder separation has been labeled as a way to measure the high velocity pitcher. The National Pitching Association in their studies of over 500+ pitchers have discovered that the average Major League Pitcher has 40-60 degrees of hip to shoulder separation. [Read more…]

Scientific Proof that 3X is Key to Separation and Pitching Velocity

3X Hip to Shoulder SeparationIf you read the countless articles on this site you will learn about a new term that has been brought into the pitching world. This term was first planted into the pitching delivery right here at Maybe you found this website because you wanted to learn the hype behind this term or maybe you have no idea of what you just stumbled on. Either way this article will cover and scientifically prove a revolutionary secret to high velocity pitching.

The term that I am referring to is called Triple Extension (3X). 3X is defined as the extension of the ankle, knee and hip flexor. It comes from the Olympic Lifting world. In Olympic Lifting it is a key component to building power. This is also true for power pitchers but it is even more than just a power component for pitchers, it will enhance hip to shoulder separation which has been proven to be the component that holds 80% of a pitchers velocity potential. [Read more…]

Distance Running Reduces Elastic Energy and Lowers Pitching Velocity

Distance Running Reduces Elastic Energy and Lowers Pitching VelocityWe all should know by now that long distance running is bad for pitchers (read 2009 article called Just Say NO to Long Distance Running) but now everyone needs to know how bad it really is. Yes, the study below proves that long distance running reduces the bodies ability to absorb and use the power of elastic energy.

If you have spent anytime on this site, you have learned the importance of elastic energy to pitching velocity. If you need a refresher or a basic understanding here are some of the key components that use elastic properties to generate high pitching velocity. [Read more…]

The Perfect Pitching Placement of Front Foot Strike

The Perfect Pitching Placement of Front Foot StrikeFront foot strike is the single most important moment in the pitching delivery because this is the moment that stride power is converted into hip and shoulder separation and is guided to its pitching location. Therefore perfect placement at front foot strike is necessary to not only support pitch location but to also support high velocity.

The problem with over coaching front foot strike is that all of the power production that must occur before front foot strike is forgotten. This will develop an accurate pitcher but if the pitcher struggles with power issues then he will be a low velocity accurate pitcher with a higher chance of having arm problems. Unfortunately, this is not going to get him to the next level.

The key to coaching front foot strike is to first coach the power stride before you move into front foot strike. If the pitcher has done his job and conquered his power issues and has developed an explosive stride then front foot strike becomes critical in converting this power into torque. [Read more…]

Conquer the Force Vector and Increase Pitching Velocity

Conquer the Force Vector and Increase Pitching Velocity TodayThe hardest component to conquer in the power pitching delivery is bar far the force vector. Most pitching coaches do not coach this component because they more than likely have no idea what it is. If you want to increase velocity quickly, or you need to increase velocity quickly, then spend your time training this secret component to pitching velocity. It is the foundation of the 3X approach to pitching.

If we compared the pitching delivery of a power pitcher to a high powered riffle then the force vector would be the barrel and triple extension would be the trigger. Without either one, your high powered riffle is junk. It also doesn’t matter how much gun powder is in the gun, without the barrel or the trigger, it is useless. [Read more…]

Alan Jaeger vs

Alan Jaeger vs TopVelocity.netI have been pretty tough on Alan Jaeger’s approach to pitching on this site. Just recently, another well know pitching coach Paul Reddick reached out to me,with the suggestion that I should have a man to man talk with Alan Jaeger in hopes that we could get on better terms. I decided to take Paul’s advice because Paul has been in this business for a while and he is a good person. What I learned was that Alan Jaeger is also a good person and after our conversation we have agreed to disagree when it comes to the best approach to pitching. I have decided to dedicate this article to Alan Jaeger for being such a good sport with my competitive nature.

In the rest of this article, I am going to post Alan Jaeger’s approach to pitching and the Top Velocity approach. I hope that you will read them both. This is a great opportunity for you to learn both perspectives. What you will learn is that these are two totally different approaches to pitching and this will ultimately help you develop your own. [Read more…]

Does ArmourBite™ Increase Pitching Velocity?

ArmourBiteArmourBite is here! So Tom House has retired from USC as the pitching coach and he is now with the Rod Dedeaux Research for Baseball Institute. I believe this is good news for the pitching world because he will spend more of his time on research than coaching, which I feel this is what he is best at.

Now that he is back, Tom House is claiming that he did some research on the new ArmourBite™ and he found that it will add 1-2 mph to your fastball when using the plastic mouth piece. This is the info coming from the home page of his National Pitching Association website.

National Pitching Association ArmourBite Claim

New Mouthpiece Improves Pitching Velocity!

Yep you read that right. Our research team at RDRBI lead by Tom House did some testing with the ArmourBite® to see if it could improve velocity. It works! [Read more…]

3X Pitching and the Timing Factor

3X Pitching Timing FactorTriple Extension or 3X is the extension of the drive leg ankle, knee and hip flexor. Triple Extending the drive leg as the front side opens, drives the hips completely through to the target. If triple extension occurs quick enough and with enough force at the end of the stride, while the shoulders stay closed and relaxed, this will create optimal hip to shoulder separation.

Many studies have confirmed the correlation of hip to shoulder separation to pitching velocity (1,2,3,4,5). Therefore if you are going to increase velocity, you must learn to increase hip to shoulder separation by learning triple extension (3X) and 3X foot sync. Once you learn how to incorporate full triple extension into your pitching delivery, you will not see its benefits until you master the final factor. The final factor in learning any new muscle memory is the timing factor. The timing factor of 3X is critical to creating 40-60 degrees of hip to shoulder separation which research has shown to be the Major League average. [Read more…]

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