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A pitching chart is a very valuable tool for a pitcher and a coach. For the pitcher it shows you your weaknesses and strengths. It tells you what pitches are working on what batters and what pitches are not working on what batters. It also tells you how many pitches you are throwing per inning which is valuable information for your Coach. Your Coach should know your limit and be prepared to rescue you if you are getting close to your redline.

In this article, I will talk about the value of a pitching chart and how to gain access to this free pitching chart for your baseball organization.

Baseball Pitching Chart for Download

I would recommend that whomever is doing the pitching chart, should also bring a radar gun if you have one. They should also record your pitching velocity on every pitch as well. This is  a good indication of when a pitcher is getting tired. This is because you will notice a significant drop in pitching velocity at this point. It is also important to see the difference in pitching velocity between your fastball and off speed pitches. If the difference is very small then this is a good indication of how well the pitcher will perform on that day. A small difference in pitch velocity will make it easier for hitters to adjust to your pitches.

It is very common in college and pro ball for the team to chart statistics, but in high school and under, you do not see this a lot. If you are a pitcher and having a hard time finding someone to chart your pitches then I would recommend that you first ask your friends and family who like to go to your games or find one of the team moms who always goes to the game and then ask her. You will be glad you did!

Below is a chart for recording pitch counts and more and also a chart for recording pitching velocity. Select the chart to download the pdf file. You can then print out the pdf file.

These charts are FREE to download and use. If you post these charts on your site, I would ask that you put a link back to this page as the source ( ).

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