Throwing a Fastball 90 MPHEveryone wants to throw a fastball 90 mph but only a rare few can do it. Some who can do it also want the ability to do it every pitch. The problem is most pitchers have very little understanding of the requirements to throwing a fastball 90 mph. This article will cover the top 10 requirements to throwing a fastball 90 mph.

This information is based on my own experience accomplishing this feat in my career after rotator cuff surgery when Doctors said I would never play again, coaching many pitchers to reach the 90 mph mark, case study after case study proving the science behind the 90 mph fastball and countless hours of studying high-velocity pitchers in slow motion video analysis. The Pitching Articles on this site reference these resources.

10 Prerequisites to Throwing 90 MPH

  1. Power to Weight Ratio – This is the most important requirement to a 90 mph fastball. Power to weight ratio means how much power you can produce based on your own body weight. If you are going to have the ability to throw a 90 mph fastball which is 60% of the fastballs thrown in Major League Baseball then you must have the ability to at least move more weight than you weigh. This is just common sense the more you look at it. For example, here are two high velocity pitchers with impressive power to weight ratios. The first is the legendary closer for the New York, Yankees, Mariano Rivera has a vertical jump of 32 inches and the second is Tim Lincecum who can do a back flip which is the product of a high vertical jump. Vertical jump is a power movement because it takes both speed and strength to move the body into the air against gravity. Athletes who can jump higher have the ability to produce more power which can be converted into pitching velocity. A 32 inch vertical equals a power to weight ratio of that close to or over 1.5. This means the athlete can produce power that can push about 150% of his own body weight or more. A 1.5 power to weight ratio would be an accurate requirement for a pitcher to have the power to produce a 90+ mph fastball. I have seen pitchers with at least a 28 inch vertical who can do the same. I have never seen a pitcher with a vertical jump under 25 inches who can throw 90 mph. Another affective measurement of power is the power clean.
  2. Pure Desire – I am a big believer in the human body. I believe it can adapt to anything. Therefore I am not like most coaches and specifically pitching coaches who say if you do not have the genetics to throw 90 mph then you can’t. I believe you can do anything if the pure desire to accomplish the goal exists. The problem is most people have no idea what pure desire is. Pure desire is a passion that is tainted by nothing. You live, breath, eat, drink and sleep the goal. You will also stop at nothing to obtain it. The majority of people do not make these kind of commitments in life but it is essential to accomplishing the goal of throwing 90 mph especially if you are not genetically setup to do so.
  3. Faith in Something Greater – The difference between faith and pure desire is that faith in something greater than yourself gives you the impenetrable confidence that you where born to do this. Most athletes who overcome genetics or serious injury to find success have a strong faith in something greater than themselves, God being the most common example. In my interview with Jim “The Rookie” Morris, which is apart of the Bonus material that comes with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, Jim credits all of his success to his faith in God but at the same time he tells us what daily routines was supporting his faith. During my 10 mph pitching velocity jump, post rotator cuff surgery and Doctor’s telling me I would never play again, I also developed a very powerful faith in God. I constantly looked to him for support and what this faith gave me was a sense that this was my fate. Just like with Jim “The Rookie” Morris when I look back to that time in my life, I credit my faith to most of what was happening to my body, but I was also supporting this with an insane work ethic.
  4. 3X Pitching Mechanics – This may sound arrogant but the series of mechanical components that I discovered and put in 3X Pitching have been proven to be high velocity pitching mechanics. Once you learn them you will understand, I promise! The reason this is a requirement for all pitchers to reach 90 mph is because these mechanics will allow you to get everything out of your body. They are a series of power pitching mechanics that will allow the power athlete to use everything he has without overworking or causing injury. If this requirement was not true then Olympic Lifters who have more power production than any athlete could throw way above 90 mph. The reason 99.9% of them cannot is because they do not have the motor coordination to convert their power production into ball velocity. The velocity drills in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program will train the pitcher to develop the motor coordination around the 3X Pitching Mechanics.
  5. Majority Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber – If you are going to have a power to weight ratio of 1.5 then it will take a good amount of fast twitch muscle fiber to accomplish it. Once again many coaches in the world of baseball will tell you that if you do not have much fast twitch muscle fiber then you are out of luck but this just isn’t true. It is proven that Olympic Lifters and Power Lifts have more fast twitch muscle fiber than the average athlete. Using heavy load training can and will remodel more of your slow twitch fiber into fast twitch.
  6. Elite Lifestyle – Unless you are a genetic freak, you will never become an elite athlete with a crappy lifestyle. Your lifestyle defines everything you do outside of your training. If you have a great work ethic in your training but you stay up all night and eat junk food then you are working against yourself. Lifestyle at the elite level can make or break a career. Most pitchers do not learn this lesson until they reach the elite levels of the game. The problem is this is when it is almost too late. The lesson here is what you do with your body, mind and spirit everyday is critical to your performance. Here is a great video on how this all works: The guru is Kelly Starrett who has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He is an expert when it comes to mobility and health.
  7. Mobility – Along with fast twitch muscle fibers to accelerate the body, the pitcher most also have the range of motion within the joints to support a 90 mph fastball. Not only do high velocity pitchers move faster than low velocity pitchers but they also cover more distances between joints and down the mound. Enhancing the mobility of the joints through soft tissue training is critical to reducing range of motion through training. Any coach today who believes that weight training makes a pitcher tight and limits range of motion is uneducated in the world of strength and conditioning. If a pitchers is taught how to lift correctly, with the most effective type of lifts, along with mobility training, then a pitcher should grow more flexible as they grow bigger, stronger and faster. There is a soft tissue program to support mobility in the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program. I also recommend checking out an expert on Mobility, Dr. Kelly Starrett at his website called This is a great source for mobility education and exercises.
  8. Time – Time is what breaks down most pitchers who never reach the 90 mph mark. They set their expectations to reaching their goals on the amount of time it should take them. When they exceed the time limit and do not reach their goals everything begins to breakdown rapidly. The problem with time is that it eventually corruptions your thinking. Over time you begin to believe that time is the determining factor and everything else is just busy work. This is a program of failure. You must loss track of time if you are going to reach your goals. The only measurement for your success should be a set of performance movements that you can test to illustrate your progression. This measurements should be the determining factor. Here is the 3X Goals that all pitchers set before moving into the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.
  9. Environment – This includes your training facility or field. This also includes your company. The ideal training facility would include a place that holds everything you need to follow the velocity program. If you facility is inadequate in anyway it could be limiting your performance gains. For example, in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program you are required to use a 2 lb med ball the size of a volleyball within a space of at least 45 feet for the velocity drills. If you are working with 25 feet and the ball is the size of a basketball then it could easily prevent you from benefiting from the original intentions of the drills. The same is true with your company. If you are training through the programs with a group of hard working pitchers as opposed to on your own, you will experience better results at a faster rate because the group is pushing you to work harder. The point is a group of hard working pitchers will challenge you more than working alone. Group training is always more effective and may be the determining factor to reaching the 90 mph mark.
  10. The Program – Once you have all the requirements above in line the last most important part is the program. Now there are tons of pitching velocity programs out there. It is up to you to decide what is the best. But once you decide you need to commit to the entire program. DO NOT PURCHASE SEVERAL PROGRAMS AND PUT THEM TOGETHER TO MAKE YOUR OWN. This would be like purchasing a McDonald’s as a business venture and also purchasing a Wendy’s and Burger King and calling it McWendy’s King. The chances of this becoming a success fast food joint is slim to none because it hasn’t been proven to work. Now McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King separately have been proven successful. This doesn’t mean in combination the results will multiply. It is a better business decision to purchase one of the successful brands and then commit to it to find your own success then if it doesn’t work, try the next one. If the next one does work then maybe you are not fully committed or you have not met all of the requirements above.

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