Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

On January 18th I attended a 3X Velocity Camp and I can say without a doubt, it was the best decision I have ever made with regards to my future in pitching.  Before I go into serious detail about my camp experience as well as my experience with the 3X program let me give you some short background information about myself.
My name is Kevin Schultz and I have pitched 4 years of college baseball and am currently training to try to keep my career going.  Throughout my college career I was always a high 80's right hander.  To me, that was not anywhere near acceptable.  I wanted to be a mid 90's guy, so I was always trying new workouts and new mechanics.  I also started video taping and became obsessed with trying to change using this.  I tried long toss, I tried 90 MPH club, I tried my own workouts, but nothing ever got me to 90+ let alone mid 90's where I really wanted to be.  I then came across Top Velocity which I tried to pick what I could up from what was free on the website, because I was skeptical to pay a high price for more instruction just to continue to pitch in the high 80's.  This went on for about 9 months before I had communicated enough with Brent that I was sure I wanted to come down and experience a velocity camp.

Why I Chose 3X Pitching?

I went to the 3X Velocity camp with 2 purposes.

  1. To learn the system to help myself and
  2. Learn the system to help others.  Baseball is life to me.  When I stop playing I plan to coach.

Upon arriving to Velocity Camp Brent took us through the Mechanics Guide and this really solidified the 3X approach because of the in-depth look with Brent right there for interaction.  Also, it gave me a clear idea behind the 3X approach.  The rest of camp is both physically and mentally demanding.  Brent goes through every piece of the program and you are right there with him getting after it.  A 3X velocity camp is truly an eye opening experience.
The day I got home from camp was the day I started the program.  I first knew doing the entire program could help me achieve my velocity goals.  However, I also knew that there were a ton of young pitchers I wanted to show the 3X program and challenge them to do it as well.  3X is just that.  A challenge.  It is the most complete, challenging training regimen I have ever done.  It takes a driven individual to push themselves through 3X but it is what it takes if you really want to become an elite athlete and pitcher.  To teach 3X I wanted to first make sure I had experienced it because that is the best part about the program.  Brent used this stuff on himself and it worked and when he teaches it right there along side of you sweating doing the work too it really helps solidify the program so that is the way I will want to teach it.
I am currently in Week 5 and I love the program, it covers everything.  I always wake up sore which is a great sign to me that I am breaking things down and growing.  Every workout is a challenge, there are no easy days.
Once I have finished the program I look forward to teaching the 3X approach to every pitcher who wants to take the challenge.  I truly believe in the program and wish I would have found it a long time ago.