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Top 10 reason You Throw 80-85mphThese top 10 reason you throw 80-85mph is going to really upset you. You found this page because you have a major problem in this game; you are average and you know average will get you no where. How many guys in college baseball do you think can throw the ball 80-85mph? I would bet at least 90% of them. How many coaches in college baseball are looking for pitchers who throw 80-85mph? None of them, they just get stuck with them because there isn't that many 90mph arms to pick from. How long do you think you will play this game at 80-85mph? Not long at all, unless you get lucky!
I am not trying to be a total ass here. I just want you to understand that 80-85mph is not a good place to be if you are in college. Even if you are in high school it is not the best place in todays game because 90 mph is becoming more common. Believe me, I totally understand where you are in your career, I was 80-85mph for 5-6 years of my career and I hated ever minute of it. It almost made me quit the game that I love. The only reason I broke out of it was because I finally couldn't accept it anymore and made the commitment to break out. Yes, you will have to do the same. Don't worry I am here to help!:)
In this article, I will go over the top ten reasons you throw 80-85mph. I will also give you the secrets to what is limiting you from breaking 90 mph and I will then introduce you to the most effective program in the game to helping you implement these secrets. So, wipe off that depressed look and let's get serious about your career and break out of that 80-85mph range TODAY!:)

Top Ten Reason You Only Can Pitch 80-85mph

  1. Fastball DNAYou have hit your genetic ceiling - Let's face it now, God only gave most of us so much to work with and then he gave Aroldis Chapman that and so much more. Unless you have the genetic code of a 90 mph fastball in your DNA then what are you waiting for? There is a good chance if your parents didn't have the gift or some variation of it then more than likely you are in the same boat. Not to say freaks don't exist but they are a very, very, small few. If you are banking on the fact that you are going to be that genetic freak then good luck. You are better off playing Vegas with those odds. The point is even if you do become that freak or you have the generic potential to develop a 90 mph fastball why not improve your chances through a performance enhancement program? It would be the smart thing to do! This is why you need to learn about 3X Pitching.
  2. Not Change MechanicsYou will not change your mechanics - I love it when I get that phone call from a pitcher who throws 80-85 mph and he wants to come down to a 3X Velocity Camp but he has one request, I can not change his mechanics. That is like taking your race car to a mechanic for a performance upgrade but you tell him that he can not touch the engine. How much of an effect can you have on a pitcher if you can not change the reason he throws as hard as he does? I don't care if I am just training you to be a more explosive athlete on the mound, this alone will have a big effect on your mechanics. Want to get better but not wanting to change is impossible. If this is you then you really need to wake up and smell the coffee.
  3. Don't Want It Bad EnoughYou do not want it bad enough - One of my favorite quotes from Joe Louis the famous boxer is, "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die." This is the same when it comes to pitching velocity, "Everyone wants to throw 90 mph but nobody actually wants to work for it." This is why weighted baseball programs are so popular. If they really made an impact on pitching velocity then everyone would be using them and everyone would be throwing 90 mph. Weighted baseballs have been used in the game of baseball sense the 1970's. It would have become mainstream by now if they where that effective. The point is if you want to throw 90 mph it takes more than just a quick release of the arm once it loads back. It takes leg and core power and how to use it through a full range of motion. This means you have a lot of work to do!
  4. Junk FoodYou eat crap food and don't sleep - So maybe you have the balls to take on a challenging program like the 3X Pitching Velocity Program but when it comes to fueling your body you pump it with junk food and you deplete it of micronutrients. You think the basic food groups are McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's. On top of that you stay up all night and play video games. Your idea of going to bed early is before the sun comes up. Basically you are throwing all of your hard work out of the window. If this is you I would highly recommend that you email me and I will send you a free copy of my Performance Enhancement Guide which comes with my meal and supplements plans.
  5. Throw To Much To Much Junk BallsYou throw too much and you throw too much junk - Studies prove wear and tear comes from throwing a baseball and off speed pitches (1). This is why pitch counts have become more widely used during the season of play. Therefore the more you throw the more you break down and weaken your arm. You do not need to throw your arm off to develop a 90 mph fastball. Also at the same time throwing junk will take away from your development of a 90 mph fastball. Bartolo Colon has averaged over 80% fastballs in his Major League career. If you are in high school averaging less than Bartolo Colon's fastball percentage then what will you be averaging by the time you get into professional baseball?
  6. No CompetitionYou have no competition - You need competition to push yourself. The reason 3X Training is so popular and effective in getting big results from the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is because the pitchers train in groups. This forces everyone to be pushed everyday at their top level. If you do not have someone holding you accountable then you will slack off. If you are going to develop that 90 mph fastball and break the average 80-85 mph range then you need to be held accountable. Slacking off at any point in time only delays your chances of making it at the next level. Don't be soft! This is what they will tell you if you slack off during the 3X Training!
  7. Play All Year RoundYou play all year round - How many more innings do you need to throw at 80-85 mph? I deliver this question to everyone who gives me the excuse that they do not have time to implement the off-season pitching velocity training in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This is because they do not take an off-season. They play all year round which means they continue to put wear and tear on their bodies and do not take the time desperately needed in this game to rest, recover and develop themselves into high velocity pitchers for the new season. Because it is so popular to play all year round today due to the money making business of travel ball you can quickly gain an edge in this game if you just take advantage of an off-season and work a program like the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. There is an old saying that needs to come back to this game because of its critical importance and that saying is, "Pitchers are made in the off-season!"
  8. Extreme Long TossYou think extreme long toss is the answer to pitching velocity - Just because you can throw the ball 300 feet doesn't mean when you get on a mound and face a hitter that you can throw the ball 90 mph. Studies have proven this approach inadequate when it comes to developing the high velocity pitcher for two reasons; one it trains throwing mechanics that are not used on the pitching mound and it puts massive amounts of stress on the elbow and shoulder that you will never experience on the pitching mound. If you need more information on this topic please read my article that was published in Baseball America called, Study Proves Pitching Velocity Decreases With Extreme Long Toss.
  9. MLB Pitching CoachYou would rather listen to your MLB pitching coach than the science - Unless you want an autograph, there is very little reason to have a pitching coach just because he played Major League Baseball. Why would a Major League Baseball pitcher have the tools to help you break the 80-85 mph range? More than likely he never had to do it himself. He was blessed with the 90 mph genetic code that more than likely you will never gain without the right training. Unless your Major League Pitching coach has a story of how he had to overcome his genetic limitations to develop the 90 mph fastball and he wants to offer his secrets to you, he is a total waste of your time and money. So, get his autograph and move on!
  10. Make The CommitmentYou do not want to fully commit to a better program - The reality is that the majority of pitchers in this game will never get above average. Mainly because they will never commit to a level that is more than their peers. They are just sheep following the herd. Statistically you are better off never doing what the majority of the pitchers in this game do to train or prepare for a game because this statistically puts you in the average. This is why you need to make a commitment today to play your game at any other level besides the level of everyone else on your team or in your league. Once you can make this kind of a commitment it comes with a lot of responsible because your peers will no longer see you as a part of the group. You will become an outcast because you are no longer moving with the herd. If you are going to take this game to an elite level, this is exactly the road to the promise land!

3X Pitching: The Road to 90 mph

3x-extreme-pitching-velocity-programThe secrets to breaking out of the 80-85 mph range is first in the commitment to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This means you have dug down deep into your soul and you are now determined to make this your destiny. From here you will need a program that will train you in all facets of the high velocity pitcher. This is just as critical as making the commitment because if you have made the commitment but you have a program or no program and this is causing you to just spin your wheels, then you are not benefiting from the results of your hard work. This will lead to frustration and then it could cause a loss of commitment.
The lesson here is to make sure you have the program that is proven to work. Make sure it is the program that is going to take you to the 90 mph mark, no questions asked, because if you pick the wrong program, it could haunt you the rest of your career. This is why I want you to give me a call and ask me all the questions you want about the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. I know it is the best program in the game but more importantly you need to believe this if it is going to be the program that gets you to 90 mph, like it has done for countless others that you can learn about on this site!
Learn more about the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program or get started TODAY adding 5-10+mph!
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