Baseball Pitching Velocity ChartHere is a Baseball Pitching Velocity Chart from Youth to Professional. If you are curious about how hard you should be throwing based on your age group or how you compare when it comes to pitching velocity amongst your peers then here is a pitching velocity chart from youth to professional baseball.

This is just a range of low-velocity to high-velocity pitching based on a specific age. This should only be used to gain an idea of how hard you should be throwing. If you are not in these ranges or you are above or below these ranges it isn’t an issue. You are just falling outside the averages. If you are concerned about your pitching velocity based on your age then I would highly recommend you check out the 3X Pitching Velocity Program or the 2X Velocity Program for position players.
In the chart below you will learn the ranges of pitching velocity for ages 8-22+. These are just ranges based on averages for all youth to professional pitchers. This chart could change at any time based on the evolution of the pitcher in the game of baseball.

Baseball Pitching Velocity Chart from age 8-22+

AgeLevelLow VelocityHigh Velocity
14High School6373
15High School6574
16High School6980
17High School7185

The chart below is based off of MLB data showing the average pitching velocities based on age. 26 years old is the best age for top velocity through an MLB career. 30 years and up is when pitching velocity takes a sharp decline.
Baseball Pitching Velocity Chart

Baseball Pitching Velocity Program

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