Baseball Pitching Velocity Training

Magic Bullet High Velocity PitchingSo have you heard about the Velocity Pill? It is the magic bullet to pitching velocity. I have had it available on this website for years and the response I have received has been priceless.
If you haven't learned about this pitching velocity pill, that will give you a 90 mph fastball in less than one minute, then you need to check it out. This revolutionary technology comes out of Japan and it is totally bogus. Yes, this is a joke and yes many people have fallen for it.
I actually had a call today about the velocity pill and it went like this, "Hello, what the f@#k is this velocity pill all about? This looks like a bunch of bull shit to me! CLICK." Priceless! I just love it when pitchers fall for this. If you don't know what I am talking about, then check out the page and make sure you hit the BUY NOW button.

The Hard Reality of Becoming a High-Velocity Pitcher

Pitching Velocity PillThe point I am making with the velocity pill, which you will learn when you hit the BUY NOW button, is that the magic bullet or pill does not exist. The problem is some of us need to hear this and some of us already know this, but most of us have not accepted it. Yes, most of us live in denial of this universal factor that if a quick jump to 90mph could be put into a pill, device or program and not earned, then 90 mph would look like 80 mph today.
To prove this denial exists in your mentality, I bet you within the past month you have caught yourself getting excited because you made some mental or physical adjustment in a pre-game bullpen or practice and noticed a difference in your performance because either your catcher, coach or peer said you seemed like you were throwing harder or you had better stuff that day. This excitement sent chills up your spine or down your leg and this was followed by visions of you playing at the next level with a 95mph fastball.
Or maybe you have found yourself saying I have to play as many games this year as possible, or I have to play for this great summer team, or I need to play in this great summer league so someone will either discover me throwing 82 mph with a good curveball or so I will miraculously start throwing 90 mph. What are the odds of either one of these scenarios happening? I am not trying to burst your bubble here. I was in the same position as you in my career and I had this same denial living in my mentality. I am just hoping I can plant a seed in your head and help you remove yourself from this denial, in hopes, you will work to develop yourself legitimately into a high-velocity pitcher, so you can not only make it at the next level but stay there for a long time.

The Magic Coach of the High Velocity Pitcher

Another major mental flaw in most young pitchers mentalities is the belief that the magic coach exists. This is that coach who is going to find you playing for some summer team and he is going to promise you that he will bless your future in baseball with tons of honors and success. He is going to take you under his wing and walk you through the golden gates to the next level and then hand you off to another coach who will work his magic and turn you into a big leaguer overnight as you walk to the hall of fame. OK, that may be too far-fetched but I am sure you have had a similar vision. Unfortunately, it is far from reality. More than likely you are going to fall under the influence of one bad coach after another. They may kiss your hand coming into their program but you will want to punch them in the face and get out by the end. OK, that may also be far fetched but you may also find it isn't that far from the truth.

The 3X Pitching Mission Statement

There are two roads you can take from this website but life will force you to only pick one. One is going to be your commitment to proving me wrong and discovering that magic bullet to high-velocity pitching and the other is going to be your commitment to 3X Pitching or some other program that you think is better for you. Either way, you know the only way to succeed in life is to commit to something that you believe will help you reach your goals. Those who can't commit never amount to anything. They can't get married, buy a house, graduate from college or sign a big league contract. Commitment is the first step to any successful career. So, what is the commitment going to be?
This is where I sell 3X Pitching to you and tell you how it is going to add 5-10 mph to your fastball in 16 weeks but I am not going to do that. Instead, I am going to give you the mission statement. This is the future of 3X Pitching and and here it is!

3X Pitching will continue to evolve into the greatest pitching velocity program ever. It will be used and implemented for generations to come. It will be a living legacy for anyone to benefit from. The reason is that I know the magic bullet or coach doesn't exist and therefore I have committed my life to develop the best pitching velocity program on the planet for those who know it will not be easy to become a high-velocity pitcher. I will not only spend every single day devoted to researching and improving the 3X Programs but I will do this for my entire existence. That commitment alone is the reason it will dominate because no other program out there is backed by that level of commitment. Not only that but 3X Pitching will always, I mean always, be the most up to date science-based pitching velocity program in the world!!!

For those who are ready to make the commitment to the 3X Pitching Velocity Program!